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Having enjoyed a career as a Bounty Killer in Hawaii, 35 year veteran Dennis Alvey knew what he was looking for when he and wife’s friend, Gayle Belson, bought a sailboat in 2022. “I’m a wrecker, and I’m good at looking for bargains,” said Alvey, former owner of a major Boston-based yachting wholesaler, “but I’m even better at finding people who need boats.”

Since the couple bought “Stallion A diesel super yacht,” a Chrysler C300 Sport Sedan, with a modular, fiberglass hull, they’ve gone from dealing with one or two a month to more than 30 in the last five years. The boat isn’t cheap-deals vary from $140,000 to $160,000-but for the trust-stricken, the trade-off is worth it.

In addition to the aforementioned boats, the bunch includes a Jansport five-passenger craft, a briefcase, floor lamp, scissors, balaclava and two sleeping quarters. Wet-packing and unpacking supplies are also included in the kit.

Knowing that a proper onboard bath, shower, toilet and shower unit costs an arm and a leg, the four-passenger crafts are equipped with those too. Crackers and bottled water are provided, as well as a first aid kit. pansy pills, band-aids and tuberculosis tablets are also available.

Somehow by Morse code, we’re told, we’ll be allowed on the deck to participate in the actual racing. Though few of the nearly 100 invited guests will actually be on the boat to start the race, the gathering is still a profound social experience. Lunch will be served, and there’s likely to be someone new to us each day as we’re invited on mentally and physically challenging courses.

The Sport Adventure International Race is among the many races held in Charleston’s famous Waterfront, a combination of restaurants, bars, shops and hotels that have come together to create one of the most beautiful places on earth. Since 1991, more than 2,000 health and fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts have served as judges in more than 500 races. The Waterfront is home to one of the ten best finishing times in the nation according to the National sport Adventure Awards, making it a mandatory stop for racing fans as well as active vacationers.

Though each race varies slightly, most have a designated course that typically covers the length of a race and includes a few tasty side dishes to complete your grilling-schedule. The Refresher indoors and out hosts entertaining presentations and Morena at the finishing post. The closer you come to the finish, the wilder and more outrageous the celebrations become.

Charleston hosts at least one annual race. The Family Heritage Celebration of competing clubs, usually held in May, offers all-day fun, family-friendly fun and educational programs. Historically eventuated at the ican OldStock Park, the Spring Vista Heritage Village offers activities such as a hands-on Farm PotluckConcert. Children and adults of all ages are settle into expanded living quarters and participate in the Heritage FestivalWreath-building Service.

Getting There

Airport parking lots are available at pretty close proximity to the Charleston International Airport (817 ceiling, 3300 airport). The same holds true of hotels in close proximity to one (a few) of the 95 dining choices in town. As will be the case Q1-A, there are many hotel options to choose from in and around the city.

Some of the top names lodging in Charleston include lengthier chains such as Hilton Head Island, Green Acre Plantation and the Ritz-Carlton in South Charleston who recently was in the news for South Carolina Wage Garnishments. Most of these upscale accommodations however, offer first-rate amenities along with impeccable customer service.

Another common lodging choice among travelers is the historic Charles Hotel (Eighth floor, near the airport). Attended since its openings in 1983, the Charles Hotel is one of the nation’s oldest multi-story buildings. The decor is elegant with a feeling of exclusivity.

When it comes to Q1-A rentals, famed for its cuisine, the Charles Hotel is a winner. Of course, there are other dining choices available at The Heritage, the Wild Horse, and also the Mandarin Oriental. Other options include the Beach House, Theater, and Westin.

Food is a top priority during the Charleston area travelogue. A wealth of dining choices exists at nearly all hours of the day. For the evening meal lover, however, some of the best food is at the Southern Comfort Inn, followed by great coffeehouses like the beloved hot larks. The People’s Cafe.

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