The Largest Yachts in the World

world's largest yachts



Looking around, we can find that a lot of people have made lots of yachts, and lots of them are record holding. For your convenience, here is a list of the largest yachts in the world. A little note before we start is that the world measures yachts by their length, sometimes there volume as well, so that’s what we’ll basing them off of.




On the very top of our list is the Azzam, the largest Yacht in the world currently. This super yacht comes from Lürssen, the company that holds 13 of the 25 largest yachts ever created, it’s not surprising that the Azzam is number one with their track record.


This Yacht is not only the largest in the world, but it is also one of the most complicated, with strange technological capabilities and functions. It was designed with modern technology and the superior décor inspired by the royal 19th century era.


The numbers on this yacht are very impressive. The length of the ship is 592 feet, 6 inches (180 meters), the volume is 13,136 tons, and can be propelled over 30 knots at top speed. This beauty was designed and built in only three years, truly impressive and deserving of the title of being the largest yacht in the world.


Aï Said


Here is another impressive vessel, the Al Saïd, another Lürssen creation. This yacht’s exterior is made to look like a classic cruise liner, the twin exhaust stacks on its roof and the blue and white color scheme, the designers executed there vision perfectly.


It can hold up to a crew of 154, with an additional total of 60 guests at any given time, making it live up to its cruise line design. The interior was designed by the London-based Redman Whitley Dixon studio. Their vision was of course the cruise line look, but they also made sure to keep it slick and classy, and interestingly they included a concert hall which can hold up to a 50-piece orchestra.


The numbers for the yacht are of course impressive, just as all the others on this list are. The length of the Al Saïd is 508 feet, 5 inches (155 meters), it weighs 15,850 tons, and get up to 22 knots in speed. Impressive, and interestingly weighs more than the Azzam, but can’t quite beat it out in any other area.




This yacht is simply named Yas, but this vessel is probably the most interesting one on this list, history wise. This was formerly a Dutch Navy frigate which launched in 1978, then was later sold to the United Arab Emirates Navy, and subsequently renamed to Al Emirat.


Later in 2011, the yacht changed drastically and dramatically in Abu Dhabi’s main port, being delivered four years later. The design is almost dolphin like with its design, being slick and smooth, which was created by the Paris-based Pierre jean Vision.


The numbers are astounding for the Yas. It can hold up to 60 guests, and 58 crew members at any time, its length is 462 feet, 6 inches, and its weight is 4,700 tons. The speed that it can get up to over 26 knots, out racing the Aï Said, but not quite as fast as the Azzam.




Our next Lürssen built vessel is the Scheherazade looks the most fun out of the ones on this list. Pictures of the Scheherazade where revealed back in 2019, giving some really interesting views of the Yacht, and even more interesting features.


In the pictures we can see that the most interesting thing on the ship is that there are two different helipads ready for use. A yacht that needs two helipads must mean that it’s popular with the open invitation to land on it.


The numbers are not as impressive as the previous yachts on this list, but they are still incredible compared to the average yacht. It is 459 feet and 3 inches long (140 meters) and is over 4,000 tons. Unfortunately, its top speed is not known to the public, but it can be reasonably guessed that it can go over at least 20 knots.


Prince Abdulaziz


This is our first custom yacht on this list, which is very exciting considering that it was launched by Helsingør Værft in Demark, in the year 1984. Later in 2005 it had a bit of a redesign and was refitted. This yacht was made for the Saudi Royal Family and was officially owned by King Fahd. At the time of its launch, it held the record of being the tallest and longest yacht out on sea, unfortunately for it, 22 years later, the Dubai would later claim its title.


It was designed by Maierform who gave it its impressive size, and the interior was designed by David Nightingale Hicks, who designed its lobby to be a replica of the Titanic. The good news for us, is that this vessel has not been sunk.


The Prince Abdulaziz is 482 feet long, and 3 inches (147 meters), 4,620 tons. It’s top speed, like the Scheherazade, has not been revealed, but again can be reasonably assumed to be at least 20 knots.

A fun little thing to note with this yacht is that there is an urban legend saying it comes equipped with surface to air missiles.


Fulk Al Salamah


The Fulk Al Salamah is one of the most mysterious yachts out at the sea, but what is known about it is that it is in the top five largest yachts in the world. It was built by the Italian Mariotti Yachts in their Genoa shipyards, all the way back in the year 2016. It’s not officially known but is suspected to be owned by the Omani royal family. The exterior of the ship is designed by Studio De Jorio and has been said to be more of a supporting vessel, rather than an imposing super yacht, though we disagree with that, it is well large enough to be on this list.


The length of the yacht is a whopping 538 feet, and one inch (150 meters), it weighs an incredible 20,361 tons, which is by far the heaviest ship on this list, doubling, even sibling tripling some of the other yachts here. Its speed like the others is not known, but with its impressive size, we could assume that it can get up to around 20 knots.




Of course, of the thirteen of the biggest yachts created by Lürssen, the Azzam is the longest, the Dilbar is the largest in terms of volume, which is the second heaviest yacht, behind the Fulk Al Salamah. We’ll reveal the weight in just a second when we give all the numbers. Espen øino designed its exterior, making sure to include the classy two helipads for all his visitors.


The Dilbar also fascinatingly has an 82-foot swimming pool, which contains a crazy amount of 6,357 cubic feet of water. Winch Design created the interior, using luxury materials, but did not describe anything beyond that. In June 2020, the yacht was returned to Lürsen for a dot inspection, with a giant refit and is now up for rent.


The length of the Dilbar is 511 feet, and 8 inches (156 meters), and weighed in at an impressive 15,917 tons, which, again, is second only behind the Fulk Al Salamah.


El Mahrousa


This vessel was created by Samuda and is currently Egypt’s presidential yacht but was originally intended for the Ottoman governor of Egypt. This yacht is one of the oldest, if not the actual oldest on this list, its building starting in 1863, and being launched in 1865. It was designed by the British naval architect Sir Oliver Lang and has dozens of modifications made to it over the long years of its navel life. The most common modification that the El Mahrousa has had though is actually its increase of its length, with 40 feet in 1872, and an additional 17 feet in 1905.

Its length is at a stunning 478 feet, and one inch (146 meters), and its weight clocks in at 4,561 meters.




This next Lürssen creation is one of the youngest yachts on this list, a complete 180 to the El Mahrousa. IT launched just a few years back, in 2010, and had its interior designed by the frequently mentioned Espen Øiono, and he made sure to include a large helipad on the stern part of the vessel, and an open foredeck area for the luxury of any guest.


Making sure to have guests feel safe, the yacht comes included with a SOLAS rescue boat, which is a comfort for most people we would imagine. There isn’t much information given regarding the interior design of the vessels, all that’s known is that it was designed by the late Alberto Pinto. It’s also been speculated that the person who owns the yacht is the Emir of Qatar.


The length of the ship is set at 408 feet, and one inch (124 meters). This is also the first on this list for us, we don’t know how much the Katara weighs, or what its top speed is. We can’t make an educated guess on how heavy it is because we don’t have all the variable and we don’t have enough information to give a reasonable guess to its speed, frankly this is one of the smallest yachts on the largest yacht list, we don’t have anything to compare it too, as its numbers are just too low.




The Eclipse is one of the most special yachts on our list, this is the second largest vessel here, right behind the Azzam, and we reveal its length and weight later on, but they are spectacularly close to one another, the Azzam only beating it out by a few dozen feet. This vessel took five years to design and build, which is an amazing amount of love and care for such a vehicle. It held the title of being the largest yacht in the world when it left its harbor back in 2010, the interior stores 17 state rooms, and a giant master suite. It can hold up to 85 crew members and around 50 guests comfortably.


It also boasts to have the largest swimming pool, at the time, of any yacht. Magically, the floor of the pool could raise and lower to create a dance floor. It has a spa, gym, and beach club inside, and it can hold up to a whopping three helicopters, one of which is inside its belowdecks hangar. This vessel seems to want to prepare for any sort of event or situation a guest could encounter.


Its length is a crazy 533 feet and one inch (162 meters), losing out to the Azzam by only 30 feet, its weight is an astounding 13,564 tons, just barely beating out the Azzam by 430 tons. Its speed is also amazing, but nowhere near the Azzam, 30 knots, the Eclipse’s top speed is a slow, in comparison, 21 knots, with a range of 6,000 nautical miles. Blohm + Voss really gave Lürssen a run for their money with this amazing vessel, making it compete with some of the heavy hitting luxury ships on the sea.




Serene gets a honorable mention for this list as it once held the title of being the largest ever yacht to be in existence. With two helipads, an actual hangar a giant swimming pool, and a tender garage that could fit a submarine inside it, this massive thing is a beauty on the sea. Pascale Reymond, owner of Reymond Langton Design, created the interior of the vessel, clocking it in at 43,056 square feet, it is made with elegance and beauty for whoever owns or visits the Serene.


It is 439 feet, and three inches in length, it weighs around 5,000 tons, and its top speed is around 20 knots. This impressive vessel will astound anyone who sets foot on it, and is a prize to show off for anyone who owns it.