Luxury Yacht Vacations

luxury yacht vacation



Most people picture floating markets, not secluded shores, when they think of their ideal vacation, and the first thing they do is search for luxury. Flightless yachts are the result of this quest, but the truth of the matter is that luxury isn’t something you can buy on a yacht, yet it is the most practical way to explore the oceans of the world.

The single largest yacht charter network in the world is, for example, comprised of the world’s largest yachts ( typically over 30 ) that are moored at resorts worldwide. These vessels are crewed by crew of select qualified professionals, with years of navigating experience under their belt. All of this is testament to the ultimate satisfaction that comes from booking a luxury sailing yacht, and you can rest assured that when you embark on your trip, the professionals who lead you will not let you down.

In addition to the massive number of yachts, there are plenty of luxurious accommodations to consider – most notably, star rated hotels. When you make your reservation, you will be provided not only with a tailored itinerary, but also the best of everything that you’ve come to expect from the luxury yacht vacation.

So what are the amenities like? For starters, most yachts are plenty spacious and eminently comfortable accommodations, with the option of an interconnecting jetty so you can bring your own personal craft.  They have fully operational kitchens with enough equipment for a restaurant. Once you’ve settled in, you can start exploring the oceans of yourself. Depending on the type of luxury yacht you choose, you can swim with a group of dolphins, as part of a packaged package that includes access to a timeshare resort in the Caribbean. If you decide to stay in a hotel, the concierge will be glad to help you arrange access to the beautiful beaches the island has to offer.

Lodging in the Bahamas isn’t just about luxury – it’s about preserving an untouched island paradise. Tourism has never been an option – so you can arrive at the destination and feel the weight of theicative community recede as you step off the plane.

The island is a treasure trove of opportunities to explore and discover, and yachts are essential to preserve this unique environment. You can arrange for a luxurious outdoor address where you can watch the Bahamas bask in the warm rays of the sun all year round. When you arrive, your personal concierge will guide you on a tour of the islands and whet you out on your own after a few days.

The tour you choose will be tailored to your specific whims and tastes, and you can have the time of your life exploring every nook and cranny of the Bahamas you wish. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can practice your aim on one of the eight sailing boats ranging in size from six to eight men that are moored offshore. After three or four days of this heaven on earth, you’ll be worn out and ready for home.

To fully reap the benefits of a luxury yacht vacation, you should allow plenty of time to try and perfect your travel arrangements and booking itineraries. That means starting early enough and planning your itineraries and jetting off well in advance of your departure date, if possible. Otherwise, you will find yourself trawling airports all over the world in search of a connecting flight.


A Basic Lesson in Sailing

how to sail


I wouldn’t say that driving a car is like sailing a vessel, but the principle is about the same. You get in your car, you turn it on, press the gas, and then start steering the wheel. Simple as that, you just press a few buttons and then you star going. Most people go through a whole process of starting their cars and going on, sailing is quite similar, it’s a process.


The difference between the two though is that you don’t need to know what kind of engine is in your car for you to drive it. In sailing you’re gonna need to know what is propelling your vessel forward and how it’s doing what it’s doing. Which is why you’re here. You want to know what and how to sail a ship. So, for your convenience, here is a conveniently compiled analyze of the basics of sailing.



Figure out the important parts of your vessel


Now, going along with our earlier comparison between a car, let’s say hypothetically, that you’ve never been in a car. You’ve maybe seen people use cars, talk about them, maybe even brag about them, but you yourself have never been in one, let alone ever touched one.


So, you get in a car for the first time, you’re in the driver’s seat ready to head out, but unfortunately for you, you have no idea what the weird looking round thing is, what the buttons do, or why there are so many darn mirrors inside it. I’m sorry to say, but it’s pretty obvious that you’re not going to be driving anywhere, seeing as you have no idea what you’re looking at.


Again, it’s a perfect comparison between sailing and driving. Like this hypothetical, if you get onto a ship, and you’re looking at all the contraptions and buttons and wheels, and you need to set sail, it just won’t happen. You don’t what the giant weird flags are, you don’t know what any of the ropes do, and you have no idea why there are so many darn life preservers on board. See what I mean?


If you don’t know how your equipment and machine works, then you’re not gonna be able to use it. So, were gonna give you a quick little run down on some of the more important parts of a basic sailboat, it should in essence work for every other type of sailing ship, just bigger or smaller.


First up is your fuel, what makes your ship go forward. For this I think we’ll be sticking to the car comparison, it’s just too good to give up.


In a car, you need to put gas in the tank to make it go forward right? You just go to a gas station fill it up and off you go. When you’re sailing though, you don’t have that luxury, you are kinda at the mercy of mother nature.


The fuel that a sailboat uses is wind, the sails (the big white blanket looking things that are above you), catch the wind that is flying by, and it pushes you forward. It’s efficient, nature friendly, and something that humans have been doing since the dawn of creation, so not bad at all. Gas though is obviously easier.


The tricky part to this though is a simple question. How do the sails catch the wind and how do we lucky sailors use it to push us forward? I mean we don’t really have a tank to collect it in now do we.


Catching the wind is the simpler answer to those two questions. You just turn the sail in the direction from which the wind is coming from. Now, how the wind is propelling you lucky sailors forward so fast is a lengthier explanation.


You can kind of think of it as a sandwich. Your ship, the sailboat in this example, is in between two forces of nature. The wind and the ocean both combine their awesome power to make your ship go. See, the wind as I already touched on, is caught in your sails, pushing you forward, the ocean and the water though under you isn’t pushing you forward. It’s instead the perfect surface for you to fly across on.


See, its kind of like when a car hydroplanes, you’re going really fast in the rain and the water gets in between your tire and the street, making you lose traction, therefore making you spin out, or going forward very quickly, albeit in very unexpected ways.


Your ship floats on the water and gets raised up and pushed forward by the wind, like a paper airplane, wind under the wings makes it float, and the force that you threw it with (the wind being your hand in this example) makes it go forward. All very simple indeed when you have it put into perspective.


A little tid bit of a conundrum that you may be asking about this though is how the sailboat is going forward and not all over the place like a car hydroplaning. Well, the answer is very simple, humans are smarter than wind.


Kidding, but no, seriously, we humans are smarter than mother nature. See, under your sailboat, and most other ships, there is a little doohickey under it called a center board, or a keel. You don’t really need to know much about it, but you can think of it as training wheels on a bike that has no handlebars. All you can do is pedal, and the training wheels make sure you stay upright and going forward.


The last little tid bit about how a sailboat moves without gas is the question of how it keeps from falling over, which is commonly called capsizing. Very simply, humans are much smarter than mother nature, so funny I had to say it twice. Anyway, the answer to that question is weight. The wight in the keel of the ship, the thing that’s on the bottom of it, is a little bit super heavy, and it makes sure that the boat doesn’t fall over. Were gonna go into how to use a ship safely in just a few moments, but a little sneak peak, that weighted keel can end up making the boat capsize if you make too much unequal weight, more on it later.


Following the wind and the point of sail


Now, I explained a basic concept of the science and mechanics of how a ship moves in a literal sense. Now were going to explain how to actually do it, and it’s really not as hard as you would imagine it to be.


Basically, it all functions around the wind, which is pretty obvious. You angle your sail in a direction according to where the wind is blowing, and there are different names for different directions that you are pointing said sail in relation to the wind, which are called the point of sail.


First point of sail is the most basic one. When you are sailing in the direction of the wind, fighting against it, and your sails are trimmed in all the way (trimming refers to the tension in your line when it pulls on the sail, so in this case, it’s being trimmed all the way, the tension of the line is at its maximum and its sails are completely reeled in), it’s called closed haul, or sometimes referred to as a beating.


Next up is when you need to sail away from the wind, you’re going of course, and the wind is hitting your boat from the side. The sails need to be released in a specific order, basically releasing it slowly as your turning the boat. It’s called a close reach, then you move onto a beam reach, and end with a broad reach as you ease the sails out.


Lastly, is the one that is the most fun, the one where you get to really feel the wind in your hair. We are now sailing directly away from the wind; it is now caught in our sails and it is just fine pushing us along. This is called a run and your sails are eased all the way out.


Finding the direction of the wind


Trying to find which direction the wind is blowing can be a little tricky at times. You stick your finger in your mouth, hold it up and all you feel is cold, not very helpful for those not used to using tricks like that. Not to worry though, there is a ton of tricks that you can use to figure out which direction the wind is going, because honestly, the wind can be a master of stealth sometimes.


We’re gonna get the most difficult one out of the way first, and it may be the most difficult, but it is the most accurate way of doing it. This method is one that I don’t personally use though because I’m not quite experienced with it yet, but not to worry, it is a very simple concept, and I have seen dozens upon dozens of people do it for me.


When wind blows across the ocean surface, it creates ripples and makes perpendicular little waves in the direction that the wind is going. It’s basically trying to see which way the wind will blow using the waters reaction to it. You can especially use this method when the waves are bigger, as there more affected by the wind than smaller currents and waves. If you can’t figure it out with this method, there really is not shame, I can’t do it, hundreds of thousands of others can do it either. So, we rookie sailors can simply stick to other, simpler methods of wind orientation and navigation.


Flags, you’ve gotta love them, there simple, there easy, and there so efficient. It’s really simple, just put one, maybe two or three more on top of the ship and just watch direction they fly in. You can use smoak to find the wind as well, and if you’re really desperate you can cheat off other sail boats and see what they’re doing in relation to the wind.


There are also a lot littler ways you can figure out the way to find the direction of the wind. All of which are just as amazing as the other methods, but we all have a particular favorite in the sailing world, so be sure to find yours.


The conclusion to basics of sailing


So, that was our basic run down of sailing and how to use it effectively. We talked about all the important parts that your gonna need to know if you want to get the basics of sailing or if you’re in some kind of emergency and you need to know how to.


Something important to know is that we wanted to talk about the ropes and knots that are included with your sailboats and other sailing vessels, but we really just couldn’t fit it into this particle break down. Were sure that you can figure it out though, hopefully.


Anyways, a little recap to help keep it stuck in your memory. We talked about the science bits of sailing, how your vessel is pushed by the wind, and how the water is used to make the vessel float, making less traction, which equals speed. We talked about the direction in which your sail needs to be in, and the correct terms associated with the sails and the wind direction. We talked about the point of sail and again which direction the sail is going to need to go in. Finally, we talked about how sailors can figure out the direction of the wind using certain techniques and handy do dads in order to find it.


Also, make sure you women keep your accessory handbags at home.  My wife had to learn the hard way when her’s fell overboard – lost to the sea forever.


Thank you for taking some time out of your day to find out the basics of sailing a vessel. Hopefully you found something helpful out of this analyze and come again real soon to find out any more information on sailing.

Best Places to rent a Yacht in California

California Yacht Rental



You’re in the golden state, or about to be, and you want to do something that you’ve never had the chance to do before. You want to go out onto the water in the biggest, the best, the most amazing yacht you can find. You want to be able to go out onto the water with your family and friends and just have a good time as you watch the spectacular views go by.


To do that, you’re either gonna need to do the really expensive thing and buy your own personal yacht, which would be amazing. Or you can opt for the cheaper, probably more useful option, and you can go and rent a yacht. That is what this little list is all about.


To rent a yacht, your gonna have to find a rental place in California. Luckily for you, you came to the right place, because what we have here is some of the best rental places in the golden state to get a yacht from. some of them are better than others on the list, some of them are cheaper, some of them have better quality yachts, and some of them are better with there customer service. You can find all that out in our deep dive look into this.


So, for your convenience, here is a conveniently compiled list of all the absolutely best places in the golden state, California, to rent a yacht from.


The Duchess Yacht Charter Service


Starting out, we have the Duchess Yacht Charter Services, which is one of the most interactive of our list here. It is also one of the best we have here on the list because it has such good deals and prices.


See, all of the charters available and all other amenities are included in just one fee. So, you can pay for the captain, crew, fuel, fishing equipment, snorkel equipment, kayaks, fuel, and everything else depending on what kind of charter you choose. So, if you want a yacht to go fishing, then the captain (if you need one), the fishing equipment, poles, bait, life preservers, everything is included in the price of also renting the yacht, so very cool.


Now the Duchess Yacht Charter Service does have just one drawback, they only have one yacht for customers, and because of that there booking can kind of be packed at sometimes. But don’t worry there is still plenty of bookings for you to make if this is the yacht rental that you wanna go for.


A few of my personal friends have gone on this cruise, and they all said that they loved it, it’s a real winner in the yacht rental community.



LA Sailing Charter


The LA Sailing charter is much more exclusive than others on the list, and their specialty is not entirely focused on yachts, but more on boats in general. The yacht that they do have is an amazing one and readily available for all hours of the day, depending on how much you pay.


The yacht that LA Sailing Charter owns is the Beneteau 473, which is just beautiful, it looks like a dream on the water, something worthy of a king and queen.


Now, the pricing for this fun adventure is a little pricier compared to the other ones on the list. So, because of that, this one is a little bit more of a backup to the others, if you can’t get one of the other amazing ones, then this super amazing one is always here, just at a little higher price.


Anyways, it’s $200 dollars an hour, with a 2-hour minimum, plenty of time for you guys to have fun on the water, you can do a straight line out into the water for an hour and make a straight beeline back in the same amount of time. Or you can go thirty minutes in the water and then bee line back in the same amount of time if that’s what you want to do.


If you want though, you can pay $1,200 for an entire day, seven hours total. Which sounds absolutely amazing, an entire yacht for you and the family to use for an entire day!


Finally, there is a Sunset Cruise special, which is only $390, and it can include up to 6 people. Which again sounds like tons of fun for everyone, the captain can take you out on the water and show you guys some of the better sights in the area. Which again, how amazing would that be.


Charters 2000


Charters 2000 is one of the better ones on this list, easily in the top three if it were a competition. This company has been making people with their yachts for years and most if not all of them where extremely happy with the fun they and their friends and family had. Also, there yacht is just amazing as well, it really makes you feel like a captain at sea.


There pricing is also kinda pricey. For a four to five trip on Fridays through Sundays its $995 dollars, and Monday through Thursday its $895 dollars. So, weekdays you get to take a hundred dollars off that price for the never-ending fun pack. The super fun pack is similar but is way cheaper. Fridays through Saturdays is $795 dollars and Mondays through Thursdays is $695 dollars.


The price is kinda high, but it is totally worth it if you can spend the money. Also, a fun little tid bit about this place is that if you decide to help out around the vessel, then they sometimes let you play with their kayaks free of charge, how nice and fun is that. Anyways, this is defiantly a place that you should check out if you’re looking to rent a yacht in the golden state.


Blue Pacific Yachting


The Blue Pacific Yachting is probably the best we have on the list. They have a huge fleet, though not as big as some of the other massive fleets on here, and not all of them are yachts, but they are all equally amazing in their own ways.


They have one beautiful yacht called Grace, which is an equally beautiful name for a beautiful vessel. The problem with this though is that Blue Pacific Yachting is probably the most expensive one on the list. for a non-member on a normal weekday, just one day, it costs $1,470 dollars to rent. Which is crazy I will admit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people wouldn’t want to go for this one if they even had the money. But to be completely honest, I think it’s worth it.


Going on a yacht adventure in the golden state is just amazing, and the Blue Pacific Yachting just makes it better with their amazing amenities, ridiculously nice staff, and all-around vibe. This is the legitimate business that will make you feel like your money is being well spent for the memories that you’ll be making.


Moving on from the pricing, they also do something that no other business does on this list. The blue Pacific Yachting actually sells courses on how to sail, and they have dozens of them for different types of vessels. They even have one that will teach you how to sail a 36-foot yacht. It’s starting price is $1140 dollars, which is pretty good considering that you get to go out onto a yacht and learn how to sail it. Also, something I should have started with at the beginning of the sentence is that the course lasts three days. So, you will have plenty of time to learn how to sail it and you get to soak up tons of sun, so it’s a win-win.


Of course, they don’t have the one vessel that they teach how to sail, they have dozens of others that you can pick from, some cheaper, some bigger, different types of vessels, motors, sails, the whole thing. You can even get a docking certification from them if you wanted to as well as a complete project plan through California Project Management. It lasts a day and is only $475 dollars, so it’s pretty good that you have the whole day, you learn how to dock a vessel, and you get a certification out of it, so again, win-win-win. All around, the Blue Pacific Yachting is probably the best we have here on the list, and it is absolutely worth the money if you have it, you will not regret it while your sailing on the sea singing shanty’s and relaxing in the California sun.



FantaSea Yachts


This one can be on this list for its name alone, how catchy do you think it is, the FantaSea Yachts (if you don’t get it, it’s a pun, its hilarious). But it’s not on here because of its name, its on here because of its amazing service, you can rent a reasonably priced yacht from here, with amazing customer service, it’s super easy to do, and to set up. It really takes only like ten minutes at most, and that’s if you’ve never used the internet before. There is no stress with the FantaSea Yachts, it only takes a few moments to set up, arrive on time on the day, and set sail, relaxing all the way.


UNIQ Charters


UNIQ charters is one of the more versatile on this list, there also one of the best. They have tons of locations around the United States of America and have multiple vehicles, all of which are in amazing condition and are usually top of the line. They do so many things that they even rent out their cars to movie studios, minor and large ones, for there productions, which is very cool.


Though we aren’t here to talk about those other amazing vehicles, were here to talk about their yachts and holy molly do they have a big fleet. They have up to ten yachts for you to choose from. All of which can hold up to 12 people comfortably, except for one, the 44’ UNIQ CRANCHI YACHT can only hold up to 8, but believe me when I say, that does not take anything away from its perfect functionality and comfortability.


When you rent one of these bad boys from UNIQ for the day, you can also decide to add in some really neat amenities. Keep in mind, these are cool, but you also have to pay for them separately, along with the yacht for the day.


You can hire a professional chef to come along with you and make you amazing food, there is tons of fun water toys, like jet ski’s which are very cool, you can decide to be delivered to and from the yacht in a helicopter while the yacht is in the water. Really there is no end to how much you can get with UNIQ’s fleet of yachts, they have so many choices that you’ll be hard pressed to find which ones you and your family want.




OnBoat is on here because of its specialty. The others on this list are really known for their own kinda of twist on yacht rentals, some teach you how to sail a yacht, some let you help around the vessel to give you a good feeling of adventure, others are just for relaxing.


OnBoat though is different because of the fact that is a party boat. They specialize in events, like birthdays, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, anniversary’s, and if you’re feeling really romantic and you want to, you can set up this amazing proposal for your partner.


So, if you want to rent a yacht for a special event then OnBoat is the place to go, they have everything you need, and can help you schedule and set up everything else. There’s no stress, just as long as you and your family and friends are on time for you all to set sail into fun. It’s only a few clicks away for the adventures to begin.





How Technology Can Improve Yacht Performance and Onboard Entertainment

yacht technology improvement


So, you maybe have a yacht, a really nice one, a big one maybe, or maybe you don’t have one and are just a dreamer looking on in envy like us. Either way, you’re here because you want to know just how much better a yacht can be, when technology gets involved.

It may seem kind of obvious, but the progression of technology makes improving things a hundred thousand times better. Yachts have the privilege of being considered a thing. Yachts get upgrades every time technology gets an upgrade, and you’re here because you want to get all the details on how it’s better than it already is. Honestly, it’s amazing how much more fun the technology is on the yacht.

So, for your convenience, here is an in-depth list and analyze on how technology can improve performance and onboard entertainment.


A Broadband For your Internet Needs


Yachts have been around for the longest time; they have had years and years to advance in the technology industry. The great thing about that is that you now get to enjoy those amazing technological upgrades on your yacht.

The technology makes your yacht a stress-free environment, it makes it more fun, and it just overall makes the already amazing journey even better, as you sail through the giant ocean. Now, you have plenty of things that you can put into your yacht, anything you really want you can have installed, or buy when you first buy a yacht.

One of those amazing things that you should include on your yacht is a broadband, or a VSAT in order to have the internet with you as you’re on the water sailing the sea. A reliable internet connection is going to be a life saver, you’ll have so much more fun tanning while you binge watch your new favorite show, it’s great.  I even was able to look up demolition companies near me so that I could order a building to be knocked down, all from the comfort of my yacht.

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, well I already have a data plan, why do I need to install this doohickey when I have this? well, when you’re sailing the high seas, you’re going to end up in remote areas, that just unfortunately don’t have a connection. Plus, it’s cheaper in the long run.

Also, it can help your equipment run. It can make sure you don’t lose any connections between your equipment and the internet. You don’t want to lose your GPS in the middle of your adventure, that wouldn’t be too great.

You can have the internet wherever your ships are at. You don’t have to be charged with extra bills by your data plan, and you can relax knowing that you have a reliable source of entertainment right on any screen because you have a connection to the internet. I would say that’s a worthy investment to include on your amazing luxury yacht.


A Drone


This one is a little strange, but it makes sense if you think about it. A drone would be crazy amazing to have on a yacht. Not only would it be super fun to fly it around over the ocean without the risk of having it run into anything, it can have a camera on it.

you can feel like a spy and do surveillance of the area around you, make sure there aren’t any enemy sharks around you. Maybe you can use it to make an awesome movie to show off to your friends. Maybe you can use it as a really elaborate selfie stick and takes pics of yourself and the family, if there with you.

Something that I would personally make sure to buy, if I was getting a drone for myself to play with on my giant yacht, I would make sure that my drone was waterproof and able to float, that way, if I drop it or it gets too close to the ocean it won’t be a problem, all you have to do is make it fly again, no fuss, no muss.

Anyway, a very strange piece of tech that you might not have thought of, but it is an amazing bit of fun that you can have. Taking amazing videos of the scenery around you as you fly your super expensive drone on your super-duper expensive yacht. So, make sure to pick one up before you set sail again, I’m sure that I will be grabbing one for myself soon, even if I don’t have a yacht myself.


A Projector for the Movies


If you wait on the sea till nightfall, then your gonna have a blast with a projector, watching all your favorite movies under the stars. It would be great to just have your own movie howe theater on the deck of your yacht.

You can get a projector from a ton of places, and a lot of them are amazing, and I could list a lot of them for your convenience, but that’s another analyze we can do. For now, your gonna need to go and search for it yourself, make sure you pick a really good one, maybe one that’s waterproof. You never know when your projector is gonna decide to jump overboard at any time.

You can play a plethora of movies on it, or you can binge some more shows to watch, whatever you choose, it’ll be an amazingly fun time for all of you guys to mess around with. Make sure you don’t forget the popcorn on the mainland, it wouldn’t be great to know you forgot the buttery goodness.


Lift Foils and Jet Surfs


I’m gonna be completely honest with you. You own a yacht, completely to yourself, and you have the entirety of the ocean to explore at your leisure thanks to your amazing vessel. Because for that you now have a rare opportunity that you will want to take advantage of.

There is a flying surfboard that uses electric hydrofoils that go way deep into the water. And because of that amazing bit of technology, the board is going to rise up and off the sea level. You can be an actual superhero, flying around due to your amazing water manipulation abilities using a lift foil. That statement alone is an amazing reason to buy a lift foil, it’s an amazing reason to buy a yacht if you don’t already have one.

You can just sail out onto the open ocean and then stick that on your feet, flip the switch and you are flying like a superhero.

It’s an amazing dream for us non flyers, to one day utilize the worlds water and make it push us into the air. It’s a great dream, maybe one that you can make a reality, for now though we have to move onto the next dream.

A jet surf is another board that is absolutely amazing. A motorized board that pushes you forward on the water. You can be a master of the ocean just glazing across its surface, which just sounds so fun.

It’s something that is really easy to learn, but it is extremely hard to master it. You can ride on the top of it for a while, maybe even not fall for a little bit, you’ll have fun. Though you will have fun, you aren’t going to be able to do sick tricks on the ocean within the first hour. It has a learning curve that your gonna have to figure out in order to make the most of it.


Apple Products


This is another strange one to think would be on a list about the technological innovations of the progress of super yachts, yet it is here, and there is a reason. Surprisingly, Apple products work really well on the open ocean, they don’t have much trouble functioning and connecting to the internet like some other companies do and it can be a life saver to have on board.

A simple apple iPad is enough to make the day super enjoyable. You can sail around the world on your yacht and have that handy little minicomputer with you as you do. You can watch movies, watch tv, look up weird facts, go on social media, thanks to your handy internet connection. It’ll be a great thing to have and if trouble ever pops up, you can send a text, call someone, to make sure help arrives on time.

So, it’s safe, a great precaution, all around great to have on board. By the way, I don’t just mean iPad’s, a phone, a tv even are all great to have and they all have different uses to upgrade your yacht. So, make sure that you pick one up for yourself and have a great time out on the ocean, with your super yacht. You can have all the fun with your apple product all handy with you as your sailing, it’s no trouble, its safe, and they will make your life easier on your technologically advanced yacht.


The Recap and Conclusion


So, we covered a wide variety of tech that you can have installed in or have included on your yacht. All of which are things that you are going to want to have in your arsenal of fun and efficiency on your amazingly progressive yacht. It’s all great to have and you should check all of it out, and to make that easier for you, we’re going to go on a real quick recap on all the tech we talked about today.

The first bit of tech that we talked about was a broadband for your internet connection. You may have a data plan that has a ton of coverage, but I’m betting that coverage doesn’t span the entire world. So, it would be a smart idea for you to have a broadband installed into your super amazing yacht in order for you to keep that connection online and strong the entire time you’re on the sea. You can use it for fun things like watching tv, movies, playing online games, etc. You can also use it for equipment and directions using the internet. Using google maps for example would be great using that internet.

The next bit of tech that we talked about was the drone. The first strange bit of tech that we talked about, but arguably one of the most fun things that you can have on your super amazing expensive yacht. You can fly it around without any problems, taking videos and pictures to your hearts content with your really awesome drone. Its personally the thing I would want most on a super yacht like yours. I don’t know about you, but the uses that a drone could have are just amazing.

The next piece of technology that we talked about in this deep dive analyze was the projector for all your movie and tv needs. When the sun goes down, or when you get up before the sun rises than you can watch whatever you want on an amazing projector. It’s a lot of fun for the entirety of the family.

Next up, we talked about the lift foils and the jet surfs, both of which are amazing pieces of technology for you to have on board and will make the journey that you have all over the ocean so much more fun. You can be a superhero with the lift foils, using the water to propel you way up in the air, and the jest surf can make you feel like you’re speeding through the ocean on its motorized board.

The last bit of tech that we talked about in this deep dive analyze was Apple products. They’re incredibly good to have on board a yacht, as they can make sure to stay steady and reliable when you use them. You can get any number or variation of them for your yacht, whichever you choose will be great to have on hand. That was our convenient compile of the greatest tech to have on board your yacht at any time, we hope that you were able to get some useful information from it.

Yachting in Geneva

yachting in Geneva

Brussels offers to tourists a wide range of sea services: starting from airport to lighthouse, continuing on land and into the ocean. So, you can organize a corporate trip to the European capital and sail around the beautiful city, enjoying the cool breeze on the sea breeze each morning, watching the waves lap up against the ship slate. ailing along the Belgian coast

Brussels, also known as the City of Music, is located in Belgium and is the third largest city in Western Europe. A pearl fishermen’s town, the city boasts of over 300 different restaurants, offering the best variety of international cuisines. The restaurants range from global cuisines to the most exotic, including those from China.

After a hectic day at sea, you can relax in the evening with a Belgium waffle served in a local pastry shop, followed by dinner at one of the restaurants favored by local residents. The city is also characterized by a quite large number of trendy and expensive bars, available for those who are ready to try the local nightlife.

You can go to Brussels, Belgium’s capital, for many reasons, including business, and a becoming understanding with all the major European economies. Being a major trading hub of Europe, some travel highlights include the annual Tulip Festival and the Christmas market, which is visited by over 1 million people every year.

There are a few popular places to visit here, listed below:

The twin-towered clock tower is the best place to overlook the city. One look at the soaring blades, and it’s easy to understand why they were built. Kids will delight in guessing what asset the tower has, but root around in the markets or stop at a coffee shop for a cup of Belgian waffle to finish your day.

In Lovers’ Square, you can grab a bite to eat, but best to start linger. You’ll find the best ice cream and gelato in this place, and there’s live music on a daily basis, just watch out for the spray foam equipment.

For souvenirs, try the postal museum, once a hostel to the British troops during World War I. There’s a stunning statue of Harry Colour, the patron saint of the city, proudly standing guard at one of the entrance doors.

There are three skyscrapers in this area with a total of 59 floors, connected by a skybridge. From the 86th floor, you can still see stunning views of the city, well below on the river.

Bakewell overlooks the town, with a memorial overlooking the site of the original bronze age settlement, White Lion. There are several activities and exhibitions in this area, as well as a Free Parking lot.

Additionally, the National collectibles museum has many artifacts in their displays, including a collection of sixteenth century clockwork. There are also fine quality musical instruments in the museum collection.

If you still have time left in your Geneva airport transfers, head out to Morzine. This town is located on the outskirts of the city, but if you head through the Portes du Soleil, you’ll be able to access it easily. Morzine is a beautiful city that easily dominates your day. Aside from skiing, there are many different things to do in Morzine, including taking the cable car up to Cavalleria, and walking around in the town. But the mountain views from the cable car area are second to none. At the top, take a look at the spectacular views and then take a stroll through the town.

Many travelers have rejected the idea of renting a car and opted for Geneva airport transfers instead. That said, it’s hard to beat Geneva airport transfers when you’re planning your trip to the city. With help from friendly service agencies, you’ll be able to quickly check out the shuttle schedules for the week preceding your arrival – thus avoiding possible hassle and any disappointments or delays.


The Wonders of a Yacht Charter

yacht charter benefits


Exploring the oceans of the world has always been an adventurous and luxurious pastime. But, this pastime has also come with its own set of tradeoffs, with the complexities of the global economy squeezing an already thin air. Despite this, the yacht charter continues to grow fruitful, with more and more people choosing to Charter a yacht than ever before. Why? The sovereign reward associated with chartering a luxury yacht enters a completely different league from the merely economical getaway. By chartering a yacht, you can enjoy the benefits associated with a larger venue, like a beach resort or hotel. These luxury yacht charters allow you to host delays or take your pick of the most spectacular oceans, while steering clear of the crush. Go global and utilize your imagination.

The above mentioned benefits play a vital role in the decision to charter a yacht. However, there are many other factors to take into account, which include the actual yacht you select. The more you take into consideration the more you can expect from the yacht sailing experience. tried and true crew members will impart the maximum benefits on you. Their guidance and experience gained through years of navigating the biospherical lanes through the unforgiving Atlantic Ocean will aid you perfectly in your sailing venture.

The most appealing benefit associated with yacht charters is the simple fact that the crew members are highly experienced. A seasoned crew will know when you are surrendering the achieve and will quickly assist you to the required takeoff sites. A top quality yacht will employ the trained and experienced skipper to manage the vessel and handle other diverse facets of the trip. A well trained crew can act as a stabilizer while your ship is turning. However, it is imperative you Ensure that the professional skipper knows your limits, as there will be steep surprises. oceanographers have extensively traveled the world and have intimate knowledge of the trade offs and hazards as you well know.

You owe it to yourself to try the yacht charter opportunities provided by Global Marineland. Their eruption of experience ensures a remarkable experience.  You don’t need training OSHA to charter a yacht. Their experienced captain will navigate your ship safely to the chosen destination. An experienced captain is also capable of making anchor whenever he/she deemed fit. An experienced captain will also guide and manage the length of stay to maximize your enjoyment.

In case you are a newbie in navigating, it is always advisable to bring some chartered yachts for comparison. There are several yacht charter companies whoerikship containing a recognized yacht registry office, with mooring and drop off points for rented yachts, along with detailed and regular updated maps. Yacht Brokers have a wide range of expertise and connections in most places of the world. In addition to the yacht offices, most of these yacht brokers are authorized to handle multiple jobs, usually referred to as a charter broker.

Charter brokers provide support and amenities to the tourists situated in most locations of the world. A number of prominent brokers offer a similar service offering. They also frequently offer premium accommodation and VIP treatment as additional package. The yacht broker also arranges for the supply of portable oxygen and medical supplies, as well as emergency equipment. Generally, a high quality of service cannot be expected for bargain prices and reasonable costs.


The Largest Yachts in the World

world's largest yachts



Looking around, we can find that a lot of people have made lots of yachts, and lots of them are record holding. For your convenience, here is a list of the largest yachts in the world. A little note before we start is that the world measures yachts by their length, sometimes there volume as well, so that’s what we’ll basing them off of.




On the very top of our list is the Azzam, the largest Yacht in the world currently. This super yacht comes from Lürssen, the company that holds 13 of the 25 largest yachts ever created, it’s not surprising that the Azzam is number one with their track record.


This Yacht is not only the largest in the world, but it is also one of the most complicated, with strange technological capabilities and functions. It was designed with modern technology and the superior décor inspired by the royal 19th century era.


The numbers on this yacht are very impressive. The length of the ship is 592 feet, 6 inches (180 meters), the volume is 13,136 tons, and can be propelled over 30 knots at top speed. This beauty was designed and built in only three years, truly impressive and deserving of the title of being the largest yacht in the world.


Aï Said


Here is another impressive vessel, the Al Saïd, another Lürssen creation. This yacht’s exterior is made to look like a classic cruise liner, the twin exhaust stacks on its roof and the blue and white color scheme, the designers executed there vision perfectly.


It can hold up to a crew of 154, with an additional total of 60 guests at any given time, making it live up to its cruise line design. The interior was designed by the London-based Redman Whitley Dixon studio. Their vision was of course the cruise line look, but they also made sure to keep it slick and classy, and interestingly they included a concert hall which can hold up to a 50-piece orchestra.


The numbers for the yacht are of course impressive, just as all the others on this list are. The length of the Al Saïd is 508 feet, 5 inches (155 meters), it weighs 15,850 tons, and get up to 22 knots in speed. Impressive, and interestingly weighs more than the Azzam, but can’t quite beat it out in any other area.




This yacht is simply named Yas, but this vessel is probably the most interesting one on this list, history wise. This was formerly a Dutch Navy frigate which launched in 1978, then was later sold to the United Arab Emirates Navy, and subsequently renamed to Al Emirat.


Later in 2011, the yacht changed drastically and dramatically in Abu Dhabi’s main port, being delivered four years later. The design is almost dolphin like with its design, being slick and smooth, which was created by the Paris-based Pierre jean Vision.


The numbers are astounding for the Yas. It can hold up to 60 guests, and 58 crew members at any time, its length is 462 feet, 6 inches, and its weight is 4,700 tons. The speed that it can get up to over 26 knots, out racing the Aï Said, but not quite as fast as the Azzam.




Our next Lürssen built vessel is the Scheherazade looks the most fun out of the ones on this list. Pictures of the Scheherazade where revealed back in 2019, giving some really interesting views of the Yacht, and even more interesting features.


In the pictures we can see that the most interesting thing on the ship is that there are two different helipads ready for use. A yacht that needs two helipads must mean that it’s popular with the open invitation to land on it.


The numbers are not as impressive as the previous yachts on this list, but they are still incredible compared to the average yacht. It is 459 feet and 3 inches long (140 meters) and is over 4,000 tons. Unfortunately, its top speed is not known to the public, but it can be reasonably guessed that it can go over at least 20 knots.


Prince Abdulaziz


This is our first custom yacht on this list, which is very exciting considering that it was launched by Helsingør Værft in Demark, in the year 1984. Later in 2005 it had a bit of a redesign and was refitted. This yacht was made for the Saudi Royal Family and was officially owned by King Fahd. At the time of its launch, it held the record of being the tallest and longest yacht out on sea, unfortunately for it, 22 years later, the Dubai would later claim its title.


It was designed by Maierform who gave it its impressive size, and the interior was designed by David Nightingale Hicks, who designed its lobby to be a replica of the Titanic. The good news for us, is that this vessel has not been sunk.


The Prince Abdulaziz is 482 feet long, and 3 inches (147 meters), 4,620 tons. It’s top speed, like the Scheherazade, has not been revealed, but again can be reasonably assumed to be at least 20 knots.

A fun little thing to note with this yacht is that there is an urban legend saying it comes equipped with surface to air missiles.


Fulk Al Salamah


The Fulk Al Salamah is one of the most mysterious yachts out at the sea, but what is known about it is that it is in the top five largest yachts in the world. It was built by the Italian Mariotti Yachts in their Genoa shipyards, all the way back in the year 2016. It’s not officially known but is suspected to be owned by the Omani royal family. The exterior of the ship is designed by Studio De Jorio and has been said to be more of a supporting vessel, rather than an imposing super yacht, though we disagree with that, it is well large enough to be on this list.


The length of the yacht is a whopping 538 feet, and one inch (150 meters), it weighs an incredible 20,361 tons, which is by far the heaviest ship on this list, doubling, even sibling tripling some of the other yachts here. Its speed like the others is not known, but with its impressive size, we could assume that it can get up to around 20 knots.




Of course, of the thirteen of the biggest yachts created by Lürssen, the Azzam is the longest, the Dilbar is the largest in terms of volume, which is the second heaviest yacht, behind the Fulk Al Salamah. We’ll reveal the weight in just a second when we give all the numbers. Espen øino designed its exterior, making sure to include the classy two helipads for all his visitors.


The Dilbar also fascinatingly has an 82-foot swimming pool, which contains a crazy amount of 6,357 cubic feet of water. Winch Design created the interior, using luxury materials, but did not describe anything beyond that. In June 2020, the yacht was returned to Lürsen for a dot inspection, with a giant refit and is now up for rent.


The length of the Dilbar is 511 feet, and 8 inches (156 meters), and weighed in at an impressive 15,917 tons, which, again, is second only behind the Fulk Al Salamah.


El Mahrousa


This vessel was created by Samuda and is currently Egypt’s presidential yacht but was originally intended for the Ottoman governor of Egypt. This yacht is one of the oldest, if not the actual oldest on this list, its building starting in 1863, and being launched in 1865. It was designed by the British naval architect Sir Oliver Lang and has dozens of modifications made to it over the long years of its navel life. The most common modification that the El Mahrousa has had though is actually its increase of its length, with 40 feet in 1872, and an additional 17 feet in 1905.

Its length is at a stunning 478 feet, and one inch (146 meters), and its weight clocks in at 4,561 meters.




This next Lürssen creation is one of the youngest yachts on this list, a complete 180 to the El Mahrousa. IT launched just a few years back, in 2010, and had its interior designed by the frequently mentioned Espen Øiono, and he made sure to include a large helipad on the stern part of the vessel, and an open foredeck area for the luxury of any guest.


Making sure to have guests feel safe, the yacht comes included with a SOLAS rescue boat, which is a comfort for most people we would imagine. There isn’t much information given regarding the interior design of the vessels, all that’s known is that it was designed by the late Alberto Pinto. It’s also been speculated that the person who owns the yacht is the Emir of Qatar.


The length of the ship is set at 408 feet, and one inch (124 meters). This is also the first on this list for us, we don’t know how much the Katara weighs, or what its top speed is. We can’t make an educated guess on how heavy it is because we don’t have all the variable and we don’t have enough information to give a reasonable guess to its speed, frankly this is one of the smallest yachts on the largest yacht list, we don’t have anything to compare it too, as its numbers are just too low.




The Eclipse is one of the most special yachts on our list, this is the second largest vessel here, right behind the Azzam, and we reveal its length and weight later on, but they are spectacularly close to one another, the Azzam only beating it out by a few dozen feet. This vessel took five years to design and build, which is an amazing amount of love and care for such a vehicle. It held the title of being the largest yacht in the world when it left its harbor back in 2010, the interior stores 17 state rooms, and a giant master suite. It can hold up to 85 crew members and around 50 guests comfortably.


It also boasts to have the largest swimming pool, at the time, of any yacht. Magically, the floor of the pool could raise and lower to create a dance floor. It has a spa, gym, and beach club inside, and it can hold up to a whopping three helicopters, one of which is inside its belowdecks hangar. This vessel seems to want to prepare for any sort of event or situation a guest could encounter.


Its length is a crazy 533 feet and one inch (162 meters), losing out to the Azzam by only 30 feet, its weight is an astounding 13,564 tons, just barely beating out the Azzam by 430 tons. Its speed is also amazing, but nowhere near the Azzam, 30 knots, the Eclipse’s top speed is a slow, in comparison, 21 knots, with a range of 6,000 nautical miles. Blohm + Voss really gave Lürssen a run for their money with this amazing vessel, making it compete with some of the heavy hitting luxury ships on the sea.




Serene gets a honorable mention for this list as it once held the title of being the largest ever yacht to be in existence. With two helipads, an actual hangar a giant swimming pool, and a tender garage that could fit a submarine inside it, this massive thing is a beauty on the sea. Pascale Reymond, owner of Reymond Langton Design, created the interior of the vessel, clocking it in at 43,056 square feet, it is made with elegance and beauty for whoever owns or visits the Serene.


It is 439 feet, and three inches in length, it weighs around 5,000 tons, and its top speed is around 20 knots. This impressive vessel will astound anyone who sets foot on it, and is a prize to show off for anyone who owns it.



The Best Florida Towns for Yachting

Florida Yachting City


Trying to find a good place to yacht in Florida isn’t going to be hard. It’s a tropical paradise full of beautiful vacation spots that you look at while sailing on the high seas.


Honestly, it only took me about a day to find the absolute best places to sail, and to make your life a lot easier, I compiled them all right here, for your convenience. Check them out and let us know if you’ve got any spots that we missed.


Key West


It only makes sense to put Key West on a list for yachting, I mean it’s pretty much a crime to leave it out. You’ve probably heard of Key West, probably in passing, maybe from a movie, but if you haven’t, Key west is the place you wanna go if you’re planning a day yachting. It has beautiful oceans, amazing sunsets/rises, and tons of friendly faces.


The sunsets are said to be a sight you’ll never forget, and the food especially will stay with you for a while as you head out on your adventures. A full stomach full of delicious Key West food and the expectations of perfect sights will get you out on the water with fervor.


The town is full of some pretty amazing stuff as well as nature, a lot of it you can see as your sailing around being a pirate or drinking snazzy margaritas, either way you can appreciate the ocean spray and the wind through your hair as you see the sights surrounding you.


Punta Gorda


Punta Gorda has not been having fun this past few seasons, but there is a reason it’s on the list. A few years back in 2004, Punta Gorda took some pretty heavy hits from Hurricane Charley. It was not a great time for them as a lot of their stuff was damaged, and unusable, but with every bad situation, there is a silver lining.


Because of Hurricane Charley, Punta Gorda decided to renovate itself. The town’s people have all been fixing the place up and restoring historical areas. That includes the sailors, who also helped out tremendously during the chaos.


The reason I bring it up and the reason that Punta Gorda is on the list is because they have recreated their town from something amazing into something absolutely beautiful. It’s a sight to see from the water, it really is.


Speaking of the water, it is irrationally calm for some reason, making it an amazing place to boat on, added with the sights it is perfect.




Just 90 minutes south of Miami is Islamorada, the fantastic Islands that look as magical as they sound. Known as the sportfishing capital of the world, it draws in quite a few sailors hoping to get a big catch. It is also hosting the largest fishing fleet in the world, so if that’s important to you, then you should probably check it out for that reason alone.


So far on the list, I’ve been talking about the islands and lands that you’ll be sailing from, and this one isn’t any different. Islamorada does have a magical feel to it once you’re exploring it, full of adventure and discovery, it’s hard not wanting to stay.


Sailing from that dock though is some of the nicest people on the planet, if you want some true insider and local advice, you can ask any one of them and they’ll give you a straight answer, that is of course unless you’re talking to someone that’s going to hang out at a certain spot, in which case they’re probably going to keep it close to their chest.


St. Petersburg


Halfway into this, we’ve now gotten into the good stuff. If you’re looking for the absolute best places to sail, then these are your guys.


St. Petersburg is one of if not the most enduring and entertaining offshore experiences any sailor and his family can have. You will have a good time out on the water guaranteed, because this water is as calm as the atmosphere surrounding the boat.


Also, if you don’t have a boat or a yacht or anything, then no worries, all you have to do is look up any of the 140 companies ready to rent out to you. Each yacht or boat full of luxury and efficiency in their style, they’ll get you to where you need to be going.


The sunsets also need to be addressed. On the water, on your fancy high tech boat, you’ll be sitting their calm as a cucumber staring at probably one of the most beautiful sights known to man. A Florida sunset at one of the best spots to be, St. Petersburg. It’s something you can’t miss, and if you’re not a local, a once in a lifetime moment that you can’t miss. The sunsets here are something that can’t in itself be described, you have to see it for yourself.




Stuart as you’ve probably not heard in your day-to-day life, is prepared for any scenario you could face and deal with it in the most efficient manner possible, all while giving you a charming smile that exudes calm. They’ve seen everything and can handle anything because they are the boat ride tour guides that you signed up for.


Stuart is famous for its boat rides, you can sign up for one from the many available time slots, from the many companies willing to give them out, all at varying prices. You’ll be expertly guided throughout the Atlantic Ocean, relaxed as you don’t have to lift a finger for anything, just sitting back and taking in the sights that are being offered.


For the more daring of those though, you can go on your own, bringing your own boat, or renting one to go out and look around. The waters, like a lot of other places in Florida, are calm and ready to go, if you know how to sail, you’re not going to have any trouble here from the waves.


Fort Lauderdale


There is 300 miles of waterways for you to explore Fort Lauderdale, the amazing location rich with history that you could uncover on your relaxing self-made cruise. Fort Lauderdale is known as the Venice of America for an amazing reason, the history, the architecture, and the art surrounding everything is almost overwhelming to some visitors.


This world of water is perfect for you and the family to escape too. Something that you should keep in mind though is that Fort Lauderdale can get pretty darn crowded.


There are 50,000 resident yachts that your gonna have to get around to set sail, and then try to avoid them so you can enjoy your vacation. It shouldn’t be too hard though, as I said there is 300 miles for you to explore, it’s very likely that there won’t be anyone around for miles if you find the right place.


So, you should visit for the rich history, and stay for the sailing at Fort Lauderdale, it’s a trip just waiting to happen, all you have to do is get to it.


St. Augustine


This one is a personal favorite of mine, it’s a place that I’ve visited many times in my life and it is still just jam packed full of culture and art. You can walk around the history filled town and never get bored, you can visit the haunted hotel on main street, or visit the stores full of shells that each tell a story.


There’s famous lemonade and candies that you can snack on as you walk around, and amazing restaurants to compliment them after your long day out on the ocean. The night life can also be pretty exciting from what I’ve seen of it, great drinks and fun to be had all around.


The boating part of St. Augustine is not lacking the slightest either. There is places that you can buy a yacht around every corner, there’s also a place to rent one on every street as well, you don’t have to worry about transportation, they’ve got it covered.


The water and nature that you’re going to be seeing is also spectacular. The water here is also a little rougher than the others on this list, but that’s okay, it gives a sense of adventure to anyone who sails on it. The boating clubs are pretty exclusive in town, but it shouldn’t be too much of hassle to get into one if you wanted to, all you need to do is give a few of them a call and find out the requirements you’re going to need.


All around St. Augustine deserves to be visited, it has things that I don’t know how I lived without. Great weather, amazing food, beautiful sights to see, and new things to learn everyday just to make your life interesting.




Pensacola is as south as you are going to get in America, it is right on the bottom of Florida, and that means oceans as far as thy can see. Sugar white sand on every beach just makes you feel like you’re in a movie when you walk on it, it’s kind of like a dream. You can stare at the water from the beach or on a boat all day, the emerald green is as mesmerizing as a chest full of gold, its slaty water spraying you is a life changing experience.


Something that may interest you to know about Pensacola is its strange lack of theme parks. Now, you may or may not like theme parks so that why I bring it up. If you do like theme parks, so much so that you want to enjoy theme along with your boating, then some of the others on this list might be right for you.


If you don’t enjoy the theme park scene, then this might just be the place for you. It’s not nearly as expensive as some of the more exotic or theme filled areas are. The prices are lower because of that, making it a cheaper vacation for you and the family to enjoy, it gives you a plethora of more options to explore rather than being limited to a theme park.


The boating scene on the other hand compensates for the lack of roller coasters. There is even more ocean, more boats, more tours, more rentals, more everything. I have been talking about the boating scene from every one of the amazing places on this list, but Pensacola is tied for my personal top spot, it has everything you could need as a sailor.


You’re going to have the time of your life sailing about of the green ocean and the sugar white beaches, its sailing off into the sunset come to life.


Palm Beach


I said in the Pensacola section that my personal top spot is tied between it and another location, Palm Beach is that location. It goes above and beyond what any sailor is going to need, it not only gives you everything you could possibly need, it’s also going to give you more.


You can go Blue Heron Fishing at the Riviera Beach, or go black dog sport fishing at Jupiter, or go on a Delray Yacht Cruise around Delray Beach.


You can spend all day cruising on the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway being hand delivered to you. You can see every sight that you would want to see and enjoy every kind of food that you could want aboard your own private yacht, it’s a dream come true.


You and the family can have a blast making memories on the high seas as you captain your ship, looking for fish, trying to relax under the ocean blue sky, or playing games on the deck. The positive energy and fun that Palm beach radiates some of the most amazing adventures you haven’t yet explored. You just need to pick a spot to visit at Palm Beach and explore to your hearts content, making the memories on a vacation from your dreams on your yacht and checking in with your accountancy office to make sure you can afford this luxury.