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California Yacht Rental



You’re in the golden state, or about to be, and you want to do something that you’ve never had the chance to do before. You want to go out onto the water in the biggest, the best, the most amazing yacht you can find. You want to be able to go out onto the water with your family and friends and just have a good time as you watch the spectacular views go by.


To do that, you’re either gonna need to do the really expensive thing and buy your own personal yacht, which would be amazing. Or you can opt for the cheaper, probably more useful option, and you can go and rent a yacht. That is what this little list is all about.


To rent a yacht, your gonna have to find a rental place in California. Luckily for you, you came to the right place, because what we have here is some of the best rental places in the golden state to get a yacht from. some of them are better than others on the list, some of them are cheaper, some of them have better quality yachts, and some of them are better with there customer service. You can find all that out in our deep dive look into this.


So, for your convenience, here is a conveniently compiled list of all the absolutely best places in the golden state, California, to rent a yacht from.


The Duchess Yacht Charter Service


Starting out, we have the Duchess Yacht Charter Services, which is one of the most interactive of our list here. It is also one of the best we have here on the list because it has such good deals and prices.


See, all of the charters available and all other amenities are included in just one fee. So, you can pay for the captain, crew, fuel, fishing equipment, snorkel equipment, kayaks, fuel, and everything else depending on what kind of charter you choose. So, if you want a yacht to go fishing, then the captain (if you need one), the fishing equipment, poles, bait, life preservers, everything is included in the price of also renting the yacht, so very cool.


Now the Duchess Yacht Charter Service does have just one drawback, they only have one yacht for customers, and because of that there booking can kind of be packed at sometimes. But don’t worry there is still plenty of bookings for you to make if this is the yacht rental that you wanna go for.


A few of my personal friends have gone on this cruise, and they all said that they loved it, it’s a real winner in the yacht rental community.



LA Sailing Charter


The LA Sailing charter is much more exclusive than others on the list, and their specialty is not entirely focused on yachts, but more on boats in general. The yacht that they do have is an amazing one and readily available for all hours of the day, depending on how much you pay.


The yacht that LA Sailing Charter owns is the Beneteau 473, which is just beautiful, it looks like a dream on the water, something worthy of a king and queen.


Now, the pricing for this fun adventure is a little pricier compared to the other ones on the list. So, because of that, this one is a little bit more of a backup to the others, if you can’t get one of the other amazing ones, then this super amazing one is always here, just at a little higher price.


Anyways, it’s $200 dollars an hour, with a 2-hour minimum, plenty of time for you guys to have fun on the water, you can do a straight line out into the water for an hour and make a straight beeline back in the same amount of time. Or you can go thirty minutes in the water and then bee line back in the same amount of time if that’s what you want to do.


If you want though, you can pay $1,200 for an entire day, seven hours total. Which sounds absolutely amazing, an entire yacht for you and the family to use for an entire day!


Finally, there is a Sunset Cruise special, which is only $390, and it can include up to 6 people. Which again sounds like tons of fun for everyone, the captain can take you out on the water and show you guys some of the better sights in the area. Which again, how amazing would that be.


Charters 2000


Charters 2000 is one of the better ones on this list, easily in the top three if it were a competition. This company has been making people with their yachts for years and most if not all of them where extremely happy with the fun they and their friends and family had. Also, there yacht is just amazing as well, it really makes you feel like a captain at sea.


There pricing is also kinda pricey. For a four to five trip on Fridays through Sundays its $995 dollars, and Monday through Thursday its $895 dollars. So, weekdays you get to take a hundred dollars off that price for the never-ending fun pack. The super fun pack is similar but is way cheaper. Fridays through Saturdays is $795 dollars and Mondays through Thursdays is $695 dollars.


The price is kinda high, but it is totally worth it if you can spend the money. Also, a fun little tid bit about this place is that if you decide to help out around the vessel, then they sometimes let you play with their kayaks free of charge, how nice and fun is that. Anyways, this is defiantly a place that you should check out if you’re looking to rent a yacht in the golden state.


Blue Pacific Yachting


The Blue Pacific Yachting is probably the best we have on the list. They have a huge fleet, though not as big as some of the other massive fleets on here, and not all of them are yachts, but they are all equally amazing in their own ways.


They have one beautiful yacht called Grace, which is an equally beautiful name for a beautiful vessel. The problem with this though is that Blue Pacific Yachting is probably the most expensive one on the list. for a non-member on a normal weekday, just one day, it costs $1,470 dollars to rent. Which is crazy I will admit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people wouldn’t want to go for this one if they even had the money. But to be completely honest, I think it’s worth it.


Going on a yacht adventure in the golden state is just amazing, and the Blue Pacific Yachting just makes it better with their amazing amenities, ridiculously nice staff, and all-around vibe. This is the legitimate business that will make you feel like your money is being well spent for the memories that you’ll be making.


Moving on from the pricing, they also do something that no other business does on this list. The blue Pacific Yachting actually sells courses on how to sail, and they have dozens of them for different types of vessels. They even have one that will teach you how to sail a 36-foot yacht. It’s starting price is $1140 dollars, which is pretty good considering that you get to go out onto a yacht and learn how to sail it. Also, something I should have started with at the beginning of the sentence is that the course lasts three days. So, you will have plenty of time to learn how to sail it and you get to soak up tons of sun, so it’s a win-win.


Of course, they don’t have the one vessel that they teach how to sail, they have dozens of others that you can pick from, some cheaper, some bigger, different types of vessels, motors, sails, the whole thing. You can even get a docking certification from them if you wanted to as well as a complete project plan through California Project Management. It lasts a day and is only $475 dollars, so it’s pretty good that you have the whole day, you learn how to dock a vessel, and you get a certification out of it, so again, win-win-win. All around, the Blue Pacific Yachting is probably the best we have here on the list, and it is absolutely worth the money if you have it, you will not regret it while your sailing on the sea singing shanty’s and relaxing in the California sun.



FantaSea Yachts


This one can be on this list for its name alone, how catchy do you think it is, the FantaSea Yachts (if you don’t get it, it’s a pun, its hilarious). But it’s not on here because of its name, its on here because of its amazing service, you can rent a reasonably priced yacht from here, with amazing customer service, it’s super easy to do, and to set up. It really takes only like ten minutes at most, and that’s if you’ve never used the internet before. There is no stress with the FantaSea Yachts, it only takes a few moments to set up, arrive on time on the day, and set sail, relaxing all the way.


UNIQ Charters


UNIQ charters is one of the more versatile on this list, there also one of the best. They have tons of locations around the United States of America and have multiple vehicles, all of which are in amazing condition and are usually top of the line. They do so many things that they even rent out their cars to movie studios, minor and large ones, for there productions, which is very cool.


Though we aren’t here to talk about those other amazing vehicles, were here to talk about their yachts and holy molly do they have a big fleet. They have up to ten yachts for you to choose from. All of which can hold up to 12 people comfortably, except for one, the 44’ UNIQ CRANCHI YACHT can only hold up to 8, but believe me when I say, that does not take anything away from its perfect functionality and comfortability.


When you rent one of these bad boys from UNIQ for the day, you can also decide to add in some really neat amenities. Keep in mind, these are cool, but you also have to pay for them separately, along with the yacht for the day.


You can hire a professional chef to come along with you and make you amazing food, there is tons of fun water toys, like jet ski’s which are very cool, you can decide to be delivered to and from the yacht in a helicopter while the yacht is in the water. Really there is no end to how much you can get with UNIQ’s fleet of yachts, they have so many choices that you’ll be hard pressed to find which ones you and your family want.




OnBoat is on here because of its specialty. The others on this list are really known for their own kinda of twist on yacht rentals, some teach you how to sail a yacht, some let you help around the vessel to give you a good feeling of adventure, others are just for relaxing.


OnBoat though is different because of the fact that is a party boat. They specialize in events, like birthdays, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, anniversary’s, and if you’re feeling really romantic and you want to, you can set up this amazing proposal for your partner.


So, if you want to rent a yacht for a special event then OnBoat is the place to go, they have everything you need, and can help you schedule and set up everything else. There’s no stress, just as long as you and your family and friends are on time for you all to set sail into fun. It’s only a few clicks away for the adventures to begin.





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