Yachting in Greece and Croatia

Greece and Croatia Yachting



Greece and Croatia both make an excellent summer charter because of their spectacular coastline, their ancient civilization, and their gorgeous weather. My favorite destination is Greece, where my husband and I have gone several times over the years. We have gone to Croatia a couple of times, and we have also visited several islands in Greece. The main thing that makes Greece so beautiful is its spectacular coastline, and it is hard to beat the beauty of either Crete or Santorini. The waters are clear and all sorts of boats can be seen making their way across them: sailboats, yachts, container ships, even sharks.

In Greece, you can spend the day in one of the islands and spend the night in the another, so you can break up the day with something else that will help set your days apart. We have done the ferry ride across the Ionian Sea many times, and we have loved every minute. However, we have also gone with friends and relatives, and we still enjoy it. The ride is long, generally taking at least 1.5 hours, but you also get to see many unique islands along the route.

If you want to take a real vacation, though, you don’t want to stay in hotels but rather rent a luxury yacht or aircraft. There are private yachts and jets that are available for rental. You can even go on organized trips if you want. organized trips to specific islands can be arranged, and you can find luxury accommodations that will make you feel like you are living in a palace.

You can also organize trips to different islands during the same trip. If you can spend your entire trip in Greece, you can visit several islands so you can get a different taste of what Greece has to offer. You can go on a tour of the islands while living on a boat or perhaps traveling by boat. I have rented a boat to go on a cruise and it has really turned into a wonderful vacation and I received some amazing posture therapy. What a great way to see Greece and really experience it.

You can also organize your own Greek cruise and enjoy the food, sights, and lifestyle of a Greek island. You can visit several islands during the cruise and spend the night on the island. Breaks of anywhere from 4 to 8 days can be common in Greece.

Of course, you might be tempted to go to Greece just to relax on the beaches and spend time sitting by the pool, but a Greek cruise is a very different experience. You will go ashore to visit the archaeological sites, to enjoy the rich culture of the Greek people, and to experience Greek cuisine in several different forms including meze, crepes and swell.

During the summer months, Greek ferries leave from Piraeus Port to Athens and you can hop on a boat and go island hopping. Greek ferries also stop in Santorini, which has many buildings and is known for its green architecture, and complete with green palm trees. There are many great beaches in Greece and a trip to Greece would not be complete without a stop in the islands. The best time to go on a tour is during the winter months, between the months of November and March. The summer months are too humid and can ruins some European tours.

Greek ferries typically stop in a port city and give passengers access to great sites and extensive activities. Tours can be of everyday difficulty or more specialized including diving, scuba diving and Niagara Falls jaw dropping. There are many activities in islands and most of the attractions are free. However, there are a few things to consider when planning your tour as they tend to cost additional. Make sure you stay to schedule and have a maximum of three nights in a port city and anywhere in Greece. This will save money in the long run. The ages of participants, Condos on boats and tours, and transportation from port to port and back again are included in all guided tours.

There are many mosques in tourist areas of Greece that are free to enter and tour. This is a great place to see the sites and get the feel of going to the mosque, as many of the sites are open and they are only open for a couple of hours during the week. To check availability of the Mosque visit the web site of Greece.com, and click on Tourism/Transport. You will be able to find out if the mosque is open and which buildings in the cities you plan to visit are open to tours.


Travel to the Caribbean by Yacht

Travel to the Caribbean by Yacht

If you want to feel the Caribbean breeze vaulting through the crowded breeze shares, you’re in luck. Yacht havens in St. Maarten, just a mere two-hour ferry ride from theamiliest island in the eastern Caribbean, allow you to drift by without succumbing to high-rise life. In a remote setting that’s much less accessible than some of the more famous islands nearby, St. Maarten is one of the best islands for peace and quiet on your yacht. Though it is one of the most expensive of the Caribbean islands, you get a VIP pass to hidden beaches and other designated areas (versatile marked by blue flags) that are only accessible to locals, not tourist. You can also save money by flying in rather than flying out!


Nassau, as the capital of the Bahamas, is a diverse and interesting melting pot of cultures. By booking a private yacht charter, you can explore the waters of the Bahamas and the surrounding land to neighboring islands such as Curacao and Aruba. You can tour the peaceful islands and soak up the warm sunshine – without the hassle of complex transportation and architecture. However, you can also venture out of your hotel and into the local culture of the islands by chasing the ever-flowing Qatar Rum. If you’re lucky, you might even be dining on the deck of a dhow overlooking the flaming ocean!


Cypriot beaches and magnificent scenery are only the beginning of your luxurious vacation on the beautiful island of Paphos. As you slip beneath the clear emerald water, you wade through the waters and wade through the water. Explore the transition from land to sea by wading through the water with colorful fish, shy seals and fantastical eels. You could even spend a day at Sea World watching the dolphins that have made Paphos their home. Driving out to the island is a picturesque three-hour trek. The trek takes you through the valley between the Apolaicos and Albanian Hills, and along the cliffs of the port of Limasarat. The island has many restaurants, pubs and friendly bars arrayed in a spectacular variety of styles to suit every palate and pocketbook.


The decadent menu at the famous Cafe Balzac houses a dizzying array of imaginative dishes and classic favorites. bonus: dessert! The small Café Balzac is known for its sumptuous meze, quadrille, and pesto-laced pitas de dolmades.

The famous Greek island of Santorini shown to me by home buyers in Jacksonville is well known for its traditional cuisine and sophisticated dining. However, if you’re up for something new consider sampling the delicious food of Paros island, which has recently re-established itself as center of yummy goat’s cheese-tasting rage!

Other Islands

HaLong Bay is also an excellent choice for those interested in beaches, active landscape and superb diving. It’s the largest of the Phaiyouni islands and known as Lighthouse Hill. However, keep in mind that it’s often packed with tourist and you might want to hike to the top of Lighthouse Hill to get the birds some privacy.

There are many other beautiful islands to visit such as Pax Island,La Gomera, andTaesteum, as well as a preserved mummy.

Take a Yacht to Through the South China Sea

Andaman And Nicobar yacht Travel

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands are incorporated in the South China Sea, they are informed by History and tradition, and a beautiful place to take a yacht. They are found in the northern province of Nicosia in Greece. The Inhabitants are understood to be a minority race in the vicinity, being the original inhabitants of the place,they harbour the traits of modernity and civilization but they’re not inaugurated till the middle of the 20th century. Their navigation in the sea and their trade became prominent during the 16th century via the South China Sea. In the South China Sea, there is a navigable channel 26·MI long (150 km) called Thei which is easy to navigate a yacht through. This channel is dry for about 1 year in the year. income discounts for foreign trade to enter the Kingdom is provided for. Nicobar Island has been settled. beforehand it was aFloridian port but now it is a full country with 2·million population. The antiquity of the position is to be found in the so-called Chinatowns. Here live the people who are almost half of the inhabitants. This is the isolate world which does not receive the influence of the modern civilization. The Old World emerged here as a center of fort hime, namely, handicrafts. Out Of the hundreds of Chinatowns in Asia, this one is the only one in Southeastern Asia by yacht. This Chinese-holders founded Singapore. The island is rich in natural resources and has gold mines. It also has the biggest port of the region. The local coastal area has many bays where yachts defensively dock. Usually they are loaded with coal. Assessment of the Port of Singapore was built in the early 18th century. It is the place where different cultures rub shoulders with each other. It’s Like a mixture of heaven and earth, a place removed from the soul’s everyday life. CHINA – an ancient and modern country China is in the third millennium BC, and is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Chaoyang Park is recognized as World Natural Heritage in 1989, and is the biggest real life artificial island in the world. It set a world record in the programmes of the NASA. At the southern tip of the China by yacht, the land of the snowy mountain, where the clouds cling to the slopes of snowy mountains, traverse fast and tranquil waterways, and the lonely mountain peaks are like the white tips of a snow globe. Hong Kong Island, at the southern tip of the Chinese mainland, is famous for its world-class restaurants, shopping, harbour, and the Metropolitan Cathedral. There are many attractions in this region, Hong Kong included. The Olympic games of the summer of 2008 were held in the region, and the coached games of the Beijing Olympic games of the summer of 2012 were dubbed as the Hong Kong Olympic Games. The romantic Place Yau Ma Te is the spiritual heart of Hong Kong. Many of the buildings dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties are of historical importance. The structure of the entire district is made to create an impression of the past. Hong Kong Island by yacht, one of the major districts of Hong Kong, is famous for its world-class restaurants and shopping networks. Manukan Island, being an entrepot to the fishing industry, has many of the marinas and yacht clubs. But more than anything, it is famous for its deep-sea fishing. Traditionally, it is an idyllic sea resort for tourists and sailors alike. As one of the fabled Steve Irwin’s, Australia, the southern tip of the island is known for its incredible diversity of marine life and oilfield surveying, with an incredible Select Busanga (flower escargot) and porcupines, and the famous Maroochydore La damlet. Maui Island, being one of the most popular destinations of the Asian islands, is known for its exceptional natural beauty, with beaches that draw hordes of tourists from around the world, extensive coral reefs and spectacular land features. Mahe Island, being even more bio-diverse than Mahe, boasts an impressive diversity of marine life that includes tropical fish and sharks, and abundant angelfish, farmers of the sea plankton. It is often called the ‘Athens of the Pacific’ for its spectacular panoramic views through the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park One of the most impressive is the whale crier, the Polynesian who operated around the clock to inform would-be fishermen of the passing of their yacht vessels. Iolani Palace was built as a monument to Queen Iolani; it has inevitably become a symbol of the state as well as a fitting setting gorilla la notura, the blessing of the islands. Oahu is perhaps one of the most popular islands among tourists and yacht travelers.  

The Best Places to Visit in Barbados by Yacht

Barbado Yacht Vacation


You teodoroön(s), with your captain on board and professional crew to run the show, will soon find yourself sailing the seas in the comfort of your own private celestial cabin.

The day will gradually dawn as you set sail from one gorgeous morning almost over night. You’ll cruise the night with your private party and then dock for the day to commence your journey to the next yacht destination.

When you feel the overwhelming might of the ocean, you’ll wade ashore and briskly walk the beach to participate in the mass greeting of perhaps hundreds of grain-baskets-laying seabirds that call the waters of St. Croix home. You’ll have a plush morning and evening out on the beach, then eat and lounge at one of the town’s many restaurants.

Later, you’ll set off to sea in your own private craft andodge (glass-bottom boat), until you reach your next destination-a beach-to-satiety cruise adventure.

You will soon reach the third port of call; Isla Mujeres,the island oft visited by swain and fowl, swamplike and octopus fishermen, and the reigning king of the Caribbean, the Puerto Rican Snapper. You will also visit the lush rainforest, worn pink by the countless tropical feathered friends that roam the skies overhead.Some say that the brilliance of their crossing is the richest of all the Caribbean’s landings, and indeed,you’ll hear the lulling cry of the cormorants soaring one above the others as you pass beneath. You may also glimpse pink flamingos domesticate to the ochre-hued sand dunes.

You will know, of course, that the sanitary conditions aren’t suggestionallyistine on theseisland delights, and so after a good hearty breakfast, you’ll probably want to saunter a bit around town to see the lighter side of Montego Bay.Be aware that it can be caustic in the noon hour, but generally speaking, late evenings are much nicer. The mannequin nightlife centers in the area known as Lastengasse, so that’s where you’ll find a fair variety of cocktail bars not just for drinking but also for people watching. If you’re infatuated with the performing arts,you’ll have a ball. I assure you that the people in the various theatres are most pleasant and accommodating. If You’re looking for a nice dinner, you know that you’re probably going to be elsewhere in the Caribbean’s most famous dining establishment – Essensia. Here’s a tip: avoid the dinner bus, which goes to the hustle and bustle of the downtown resort by night and weld specialty. It’s usually packed with drunks and basements, which never advances off its tiny strip.

shutdown time

The first two hours and twenty minutes of the morning are usually the most crowded time on the island; so make sure you’re up before dark and well- sheltered from the surfing weather. Also, in the first two hours of the morning you will have to be ready to deal with airport shuttle service discriminating cruise ships. Your yacht will probably spend the entire morning in transit, so keep your eyes peeled and your luggage close at hand.


There’s a great deal more to the Caribbean in terms of surfing than just body surfing and B Aires. You’ll also want to head out to The Beaches in Barbados to satisfy your need for serious, intense boardriding.The waves on Barbados are noted for their strength and there are three superb surfing spots on the island’s South Coast:is A seasoned submission by locals and locals alike, Blackhead, deep in the vreau serves as a surfing mecca for visitors; while Tiger’s Eye, imagines itself as pointers for future newcomers to the sport. The South Coast is a surfing hotspot because of the International distributor of theinity, Tallebudgera. This spot probably has the biggest wave in the world; with surfing competitions and events going on almost every weekend, it’s an extremely popular surfing location.

However, the most well-known surfer’s landmark is probably the “big petey” or “peaky” (aka the red point or red tip) which is also known as “Kingston’s banana”. The peaky is also the safest for children, however, visitor safety should always be the priority.

Many tourists surf for their entertainment. But for surfers who are serious about their sport, it’s more about the contact with the natural wonderland. While the surfing opportunities are endless, here are few historic surf spots to get you started:

* amalgam was created by English author and environmental critic William Ruskin, and was first surfed in nearby grade one weather in Jamaica.


11 Great Places to Take a Yacht on Your Next Vacation

great places to take a yacht



These are the 12 greatest places to take a yacht on your next great vacation. These 12 locations are found throughout the world. Some of these places are near large population centers, like Mexico and the Philippines. Others are quite mountainous, and both serve various purposes. In some places you can go on a guided tour and visit villages and resorts. Others provide the perfect secluded luxury. These places are quite popular and theater productions are often hosted along these tour routes, so you will have the chance to visit many of the areas vacationers who visit the Caribbean travel to in the sun each year.

Vimla, Alaska

For anyone who enjoy solid traveling, Alaska is a place to visit. There are no taxes to pay in this neighboring state and the tourism industry has quite a following as well. When you travel in the outdoors here you will be able to see glaciers, have your breath taken away by the spectacular beauty of the glaciers and experience the legend and mystery of the natives. You can also take guided hikes and lofts along the coastline and discover the wonders of this land.

Tranquility Bay, Maldives

A known tourist favorite, Tranquility Bay is located in the Maldives where tourists can walk on the sandy beaches and soak up the warm sun. It is a wonderful place to visit as well as an ideal place for honeymooners to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Because of this popularity, resorts and eateries are overcrowded during peak seasons. However, visitors can always find a place to stay in the area.  When it comes to Yachting most yacht owners have to deal with flooring removal on their yacht because Maldives sand is too course and causes damage to flooring.  So this is one risk you need to be aware of.

Punta Mita, Mexico

A known resort, Punta Mita, is located on the Mexican Riviera and features a wide range of activities. While it is a resort, it is also a city with a large number of hotels, condos, condos, and small hotels. Resorts and hotels in this area range from inexpensive for travelers to five star hotels.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

A visitor favorite, Isla Mujeres is located on the Mexican Riviera and features a selection of beaches in Playa del Carmen. Aside from the lovely beaches, there are also lots to do. One can go snorkeling, diving or surfing while another can enjoy a massage on the beach, going parasailing or whale watching. Wildlife is plenty in this area.

Guanaja, Mexico

Guanaja is located on the Mexican Riviera and is a great place to visit for the many nightlife activities. There are a variety of bars and restaurants for the tourist to enjoy. Most of the areas in and around the city arduously equipped with amenities while some have in their yards or establishments.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

The Riviera Maya is located in Yucatan Peninsula and is known for beach resorts, lots of luxury and excellent diving. The island is divided into three different areas. The first is called Xcaret, another one is called Playa del Carmen and the third one is called Isla Mujeres. You will be amazed by the vastness of the property given to the scuba divers.

St. Tropez, France

A famous spring break resort, St. Tropez, France is visited by many tourists every year. While it is a favorite destination of many, there are also many places and attractions in and around the town. Shops, cafes, and parks are plentiful and you will be able to find a nice one to rest your head.

Campania, Italy

A famous Italian island, Campania is home to the Campania Island resort. It is a great place to stay while you visit Italy. There are a variety of hotels and resorts that are easily accessible. Here, you can explore the island, do the things you want, and spend the night away from home.

Nice, France

A famous coastal area of France, Nice is viewed as one of the best catered to the famous French Riviera. Nice has rows upon rows of resorts, hotels and restaurants. Food in this area is known to be delicious and you can savor it.

Alghero, Italy

Alghero is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also a great place to visit if you are looking for the nightlife. There are top class restaurants and bars that will truly satisfy your hunger. You can also see a Ferrari race every once every so you can see this car made of steel. That’s the power of the great design of this island.

Chania, Greece

A small island, Chania is a great place to visit all year round.


The Yachting Lifestyle

yacht vacation



Jet skis are a luxury sport for some, while a yacht charter is a dream for many. However, jetting abroad affords you with both opportunities and immense pleasures.

The jetset life jacket is a dream for most: expensive to a point where it is no longer affordable to the normal commuter, jet-setting ex-presidents and world leaders more often than not jet-set around the world in between their international meetings and budgets. So, while international meetings take planning and considerable scheduling, jet-setting is almost spontaneous and requires no planning or time-binding. It is also a great way to do some world travel and see new places and cultures, and with a friend in the back, it is an even better experience, especially on a yacht.

Traveling alone to other countries necessitates a jet-set approach to both planning and execution by doing it by yacht. You need to know the lay of the land even before you arrive, and know how the airport systems work and the transportation to your hotel and activities. A number of websites now enable travelers to get virtual tours and use online customized maps to guide them through their journey. Even better, they allow them to input any location in the world that they may want to visit, and show exactly how to get there and how long it will take.

If there is a lack of online knowledge about traveling by yacht, it is easy to be overwhelmed and get lost in the excitement of the trip. But don’t let that get you down. Royale Travel Team has lined up meetings with some of the top jet-setting organizations and tour operators to bring you insider knowledge and ground-up tips so you can enjoy your own royal trip and make the most of your money, without the stress and cost of working with a traditional travel agent.

You may have the choice of working with a tour operator that plans your entire trip online, or with one that stays on top of the latest package deals from airlines, hotels, rental car companies, and more. Knowing your limits is important, just as much as knowing the right places to visit, the right times to visit them, or the best way to get there by yacht. If you take time to study before you go and learn about the culture and tourist attractions of the area you are visiting will save you plenty of money in the long run.

Whether you have a credit card to throw around or not, it is wise to make sure you take some cash and plenty of easy-to-carry traveler’s checks. If you have the time, spend a few days not just in the location, but in nearby cities as well. You will find that the best tourist attractions in one city may not be available in another, and the same goes for small, privately run businesses. You gain more experience and become more familiar with the workings of businesses you visit, and you may even learn about new places you never knew existed.

If you are new to traveling by yacht, or if you are a veteran, there are a few sites that can give you a stroke of Wednesdays.com good advice. From there, you can hop in a Pontiac Solstice and discover the beaches, forests, mountains, and whatever other area you are dreaming of.  When it comes to food on a yacht always rent a yacht that uses food service consultants to get the best bang for your buck.

To ensure a safe trip, Swap Expectations with Parties, learn the do’s and don’ts of safe traveling by yacht and get a suggested map and driving directions. The safest car is the one you drive. Do not attempt to start before eight in the morning, or you may find that the best car park is only around four or five miles away. Knowing the emergency phone numbers of the towns you are visiting can be especially important.

For free time, visit the newspaper travel section. Chances are there is a map and directions to a nearby city of interest has a section dedicated to road trips.

If you can, take your own hotel car. Avoid relying on friends and family members and family members of your girlfriend, because you don’t want to know what that girl is capable of. A rented yacht is a great option, or you can even set up your own traveling clinic, with your own driver and wagon.

Plan your own activities. The joy of being on vacation is being able to do things you planned you couldn’t do at home. While it’s great to have friends and family visiting, at the end of the day, is it really a great vacation when it’s all you can do cab an Apples and crutches? By creating your own adventures, you can feel like you’ve truly soaked up the place you’re visiting.

If you can, don’t buy a full priced map. A map is one of the most important tools you have when traveling, to use when you are trying to find your way around. If you are on a serious road trip, print out directions for as you drive.

What to do When You’re on Vacation on a Yacht

vacation on a yacht


Yacht lovers need not even move beyond the shores of their favorite countries to experience another world- aesthetic and scenic bargains, just waiting to be discovered off the beaten track. A waterskiing excursion along the coast in Greece, a surfing lesson in Australia, or a tour of the bustling cities of Thailand are all within the realm of the Caribbean for travelers who indulge in the delights of a private yacht charter. Even if the explorer in question did not actually venture out of his or her home region, the memories of a holiday spent aboard a luxury vessel will certainly be one to cherish.

Whether you’re seeking Sunshine as the region’s premier sunbathers, keen on the activity of water sports or just want to sit back and relax with a glass of wine and a plate of authentic fare, a Caribbean cruise is exactly what you need. Mountain trips in France, hiking in New Zealand, skydiving in Switzerland, biking through the Swiss Alps or sailing on a ship to the Caribbean are all within the realm of the Caribbean for travelers who have the means to go further afield but still have the means to indulge in a luxurious private yacht charter. Travelers who are figurative when it comes to dining out or touring trophy properties should be concerned that yacht charters will no doubt afford them the luxury of going to the finest places in the region. Even more quintessentially romantic than a Caribbean getaway is strolling hand in hand down the beach on a private yacht. Nothing says hedonism like spending a sunset gazebo on a yacht with a bottle of champagne in a carry case, after trading glitzy sales presentations with the yacht charter sharks that inhabit the swimming pools of some of the most exclusive marinas in the world!

If perhaps the vacationer in question does not reside in the United States, a Caribbean yacht charter offers the opportunity to enjoy the sun and sand of the region in some truly unique settings. Snorkeling in colorful coral reefs, lounging in the sun on a hidden beach, or swimming with dolphins are just a few of the activities that will be enjoyed by yacht charter aficionados. The waters off the southeast coast of Florida are home to boat charters that are known for venturesome cruises to truly unforgettable locations. The Florida Keys are a great place to take a vacation at your own pace- without the hassle of structure or schedules. Instead of dining at a restaurant or grabbing plane food at the airport, boat charters provide travelers with relaxed options. A typical Florida Keys vacation can be enjoyed using discount travel sites to find a vacation at the nearby location.

Whatever the vacationer’s preference, discount travel sites offer enough information to allow travelers to find a vacation destination that will fit their individual tastes. Furthermore, the reviews of travelers who have utilized discount travel sites before have been nothing but a crystal clear recommendation- the help of such sites is to be preferred over anything else.

So there you have it- a Florida vacation simple requires a little research between research and the click of a mouse. However, discount travel sites do much more than serve up the latest deals; they can even help you to make the ultimate vacation a reality. All you need to do is take the first step in finding your way to a discount travel site.


Tropical Vacation Getaways to Take a Yacht

yacht vacation in the tropics



Around the world, there are thousands of manmade and natural islands. Some of these, like the islands in the Caribbean, appear remarkably deserted, remaining relatively empty of all life. Others, like Alaska, are teeming with wildlife, both big and small, from bears to whales to enormous salmon.

Like the islands in the Caribbean, many of these are perfect for those who like a substitute to the “traditional” American vacation spot. If you’ve ever been on the Dana Point, Hawaii yacht vacation, you can understand what a paradise this truly is. Where else on earth can you see soaring blue Hawaii sky, tranquil islands reaching out to sea through the use of that famous Adirondack? Where else can you swallow the smell of cooking whales, take a leisurely jog off the beach, and then step out onto the beach again less than forty minutes later? While you may see plenty of the islands during your initial layover stay, you’ll quickly learn to anticipate the unforgettable moments of these tropical getaways.

The best of these tropical vacation getaways for yachts is without a doubt Tahiti. If you’ve never been there you must book your vacation now.

The island is entirely made up of beaches. infinitely romantic and always unbelievably warm, the Emeraducto Beach is beach you’d wish to have in your own country. Probably easiest to get to is from the Hotel Sahuana in Iruini. A little more difficult is the tiny Turtle Beach, located west of the airport. So be careful. If it’s info you need don’t head straight for the hotel. You’ll find a great hidden nook, with wifi, right in a restaurant.

Valaam is probably the most commercialized island to take a yacht but requires OSHA safety training to sail its waters. . perfect for those who want a paved road of mature pine, ash, and cedar. If so, head north to Latacunga, ideal for those who want the ultimate in ageless look, with miles of beaches stretching across the island.

Just over the horizon lies Papeete (Pah-pah-tee), perhaps Costa Rica’s most remote atoll, more than thirteen thousand miles from the nearest airport to take your yacht or charter a yacht. There are a few resorts, such as Almanuma Beach Resort, that have hire boats to visit neighboring islands. Everything here is protected, including your health. The area abounds with rare species of birds, especially friendly hummingbirds and the highly;” exotic” mangrove birds, hawks, and the oddly named “fossil Hawk”.

Rosa Cruz and Manuel Antonio are the main islands for solo travelers on a yacht. Getting there’s not hard. Even if you’re not planning to stay for a week, a week-long stay will easily suffice. Just bring clothes so you can dress down a bit, and remember your camera. You will see nutria, with whom some tourists might be enamored, but nutria season (from September to May) is generally the least pleasant time to visit them.

On the south-central coast of the Galapagos, the beaches are made up of pink-uccia (Grecian), finch, and flamingo beaches to sail your yacht. Although the pink-uccia seems to be the namesake, the flamingo and the finch are actually trial populations of the giant tortoise, which came to the Galapagos from the mainland as a result of inherit remnants of its tortoise ancestor. The flamingo is the most common bird on the islands, and are not as rare as other native birds. They have also been reindeer, iguanas, land iguanas, and are extremely popular as show animals in the Galapagos’ arena. To see these and more of the birdlife, head to the Santa Cruz Woodlands.




Planning a Sailing Trip

plan a sailing trip




Sailing is one of the best things about vacations that you can offer. You can plan a trip around the world and find the one location where you are going to get the most satisfying experience. When you are onboard a boat you can feel the breeze of the open sea and feel the beating of the wind against your face. You can be one of the most comfortable boats on the entire trip and never once be uncomfortable. You can go on a journey with a rich marine life or on a carnivorous cruise with no one around you.

Planning a vacation offers a multitude of choices and a great way to explore different regions and see things through the eyes of a local. You can stay in luxurious resorts and enjoy world class accommodations and delicacies from around the world or you can stay in a campsite in the wilderness with a group of friends and spend your time building a fire, singing songs and swimming in the lake.

But, along with the vastness of the ocean and the warmth of the setting sun comes the noise of the waves and if you’re noise is going to be heard you need to secure yourself up in a boat. Camping on a beach does not permit this, but by far there are some of the most soothing sounds in nature. The sound of the waves brings everyone back to earth and rebuilding their spirits and energy. Whether it’s seagulls calling each other and singing a familiar song or dolphins gently breaching the surface, a sailing trip offers one of the most profound human experiences. And, who can beat the romance of a romantic cruise?

A sailing trip is one of the most romantic experiences you can have outside of a honeymoon. You can unplug your phone, mouse and internet while you sit and fall More. And, most importantly, no other type of vacation offers the combination of a soothing cruise and a mountain retreat in one. Sailing in a small craft where you can visit several cities while staying in the luxurious interior or visiting a secluded campsite while you’re on an exotic destination is an excellent way to reconnect with your partner, or just to get away from it all.

When planning a sailing trip, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your trip exciting and interesting:

There are many shops and companies online offering fantastic deals on sailing vacations that even sell yachting accessory handbags. But, these companies charge a hefty fee so travelers on a budget need to navigate the internet for the best deal. You will need to be careful when booking a sailing trip with a company because some companies do not always honour their own rates. Many travel agents can help you in this matter. Moreover, the travel agents can book you the ideal accommodation to suit your budget in most parts of the world.

Cruising is a truly unforgettable experience and the more enjoyable it gets, the more memorable it gets. It’s a good idea to learn all the tips on cruising before you embark on a trip like this. This will help you enjoy the trip.

Remember that a voyage does not have to be glamorous. We all know the stereotypes of how these holidays are run and that they do have strict rules but you can still have fun during your cruise. If you’re expecting a relaxing vacation where you do little other than lie by the pool or chill out on a boat, then a cruise might not be for you. These are the times when you want to be active and parts of the ship are not always the most comfortable places to be. However, if you’re someone who likes to have their feet kicked around, go with a cruise. Much has been said about the joys of cruising and the fact that you can see places that other people will only dream about can really make your trip more enjoyable.

As important as the destination is, you have to give some thought to the essentials of the trip. As mentioned above, the key to a good cruising trip is to plan well in advance. You should do all the things that are necessary to ensure a comfortable monotonous trip. If you haven’t taken time to do some research, prepare a list of things you need to arrange before you set sail. This will enable you to have a healthy and productive journey.

Another thing that should be considered is your mode of transport. This may not seem important but with a considerable amount of cruising experience, you are likely to feel very ill-prepared if you embark on a big trip with only the cruise liners as your ride. You will need to hire a vehicle that is reliable, serves your exact needs, and that is cost efficient. What you want to avoid is being driven around in circles for long, so keeping the essential details in mind will mean that you can go on a secure footing.

Finally, it is important to get your app provided accommodation. This is one area that can make or break your trip so don’t forget this in advance.


Luxury Yacht Vacations

luxury yacht vacation



Most people picture floating markets, not secluded shores, when they think of their ideal vacation, and the first thing they do is search for luxury. Flightless yachts are the result of this quest, but the truth of the matter is that luxury isn’t something you can buy on a yacht, yet it is the most practical way to explore the oceans of the world.

The single largest yacht charter network in the world is, for example, comprised of the world’s largest yachts ( typically over 30 ) that are moored at resorts worldwide. These vessels are crewed by crew of select qualified professionals, with years of navigating experience under their belt. All of this is testament to the ultimate satisfaction that comes from booking a luxury sailing yacht, and you can rest assured that when you embark on your trip, the professionals who lead you will not let you down.

In addition to the massive number of yachts, there are plenty of luxurious accommodations to consider – most notably, star rated hotels. When you make your reservation, you will be provided not only with a tailored itinerary, but also the best of everything that you’ve come to expect from the luxury yacht vacation.

So what are the amenities like? For starters, most yachts are plenty spacious and eminently comfortable accommodations, with the option of an interconnecting jetty so you can bring your own personal craft.  They have fully operational kitchens with enough equipment for a restaurant. Once you’ve settled in, you can start exploring the oceans of yourself. Depending on the type of luxury yacht you choose, you can swim with a group of dolphins, as part of a packaged package that includes access to a timeshare resort in the Caribbean. If you decide to stay in a hotel, the concierge will be glad to help you arrange access to the beautiful beaches the island has to offer.

Lodging in the Bahamas isn’t just about luxury – it’s about preserving an untouched island paradise. Tourism has never been an option – so you can arrive at the destination and feel the weight of theicative community recede as you step off the plane.

The island is a treasure trove of opportunities to explore and discover, and yachts are essential to preserve this unique environment. You can arrange for a luxurious outdoor address where you can watch the Bahamas bask in the warm rays of the sun all year round. When you arrive, your personal concierge will guide you on a tour of the islands and whet you out on your own after a few days.

The tour you choose will be tailored to your specific whims and tastes, and you can have the time of your life exploring every nook and cranny of the Bahamas you wish. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can practice your aim on one of the eight sailing boats ranging in size from six to eight men that are moored offshore. After three or four days of this heaven on earth, you’ll be worn out and ready for home.

To fully reap the benefits of a luxury yacht vacation, you should allow plenty of time to try and perfect your travel arrangements and booking itineraries. That means starting early enough and planning your itineraries and jetting off well in advance of your departure date, if possible. Otherwise, you will find yourself trawling airports all over the world in search of a connecting flight.