Learn How to Sail a Yacht in Texas


Exceptional airline service. On flights except Southwest and JetBlue, everyone comes face to face with highly trained, highly professional crew in top condition. No matter which flight you are on, you will be met by an enthusiastic boat staff that will be able to assist and advice you as to what you need, where you need to go and other vital questions.

Personal and professional recommendations. extensions of personal and professional recommendations developed by Texas Sailing Academy of Summer offer highly trained and professional trained staff specifically skilled in the care and preparation of your boat. Their proven experience is very much alive and well on the beautiful waters of Lake Travis.

Strategically situated. Southeast of downtown Austin, boat trips for in-town visitors take only 20 minutes to a luxurious 1150 reclining perch located atop Langford Park ( prototypes of the 1960s wood boat which later became the yachts of today) and designed with the finest focusing on the convenience of passenger carry-on luggage. Southeast location also includes parking.

Lease terms. The Texas Sailing Academy offers two main lease terms for its boats both for groups and individuals. leases are for terms from 14 days to 30 days and are priced at $500 to $2000 for groups of 4 or more. A total of 2 boats can be booked for a group of 50 persons or more. Shortly to the end of first month lease, the maximum group size is 22 persons. After 30 days from start to finish, rental rates increase depending on the length of the boat.

Fully equipped. The Texas Sailing Academy ships yachts fully equipped with schedules, tools, materials, onboard supplies and pro-environmental materials built by the best

Texas best roofing for yachts. As if this were not enough, the ships are located within short driving distance of downtown Austin and major tourist areas.

Facilities. The Texas Sailing Academy offers $600,000 investment in environmentally-automated facilities. The common areas include a Produce Barn, a Saw Mill, outside powerhouse for wood cutting and a black silo patio.

Yards and grounds help keep Austin Green. The ownership structure surrounded by natural vegetation and a pond helps keep Austin Green. In addition, the Johansen family, has retained the use of the Olympic aquatics complex, for swimming.

Cost. The average time spent for a week on an Austin sailing trip is 11 ½ to 14 days. A sailing trip is not a weekend getaway. During the week, breaks in day or evening falls at most locales such as Zilker Park, Lake Travis, the Austin Farm Bureau, the Activity Center and the Shoal Creek Boat Club.

Whether you are planning to bring the family to Austin for a week or two, a racing weekend, tour or day at the beach, the Austin Coast has something for everyone. It is one of the best places to visit Texas!