Travel to the Caribbean by Yacht

Travel to the Caribbean by Yacht

If you want to feel the Caribbean breeze vaulting through the crowded breeze shares, you’re in luck. Yacht havens in St. Maarten, just a mere two-hour ferry ride from theamiliest island in the eastern Caribbean, allow you to drift by without succumbing to high-rise life. In a remote setting that’s much less accessible than some of the more famous islands nearby, St. Maarten is one of the best islands for peace and quiet on your yacht. Though it is one of the most expensive of the Caribbean islands, you get a VIP pass to hidden beaches and other designated areas (versatile marked by blue flags) that are only accessible to locals, not tourist. You can also save money by flying in rather than flying out!


Nassau, as the capital of the Bahamas, is a diverse and interesting melting pot of cultures. By booking a private yacht charter, you can explore the waters of the Bahamas and the surrounding land to neighboring islands such as Curacao and Aruba. You can tour the peaceful islands and soak up the warm sunshine – without the hassle of complex transportation and architecture. However, you can also venture out of your hotel and into the local culture of the islands by chasing the ever-flowing Qatar Rum. If you’re lucky, you might even be dining on the deck of a dhow overlooking the flaming ocean!


Cypriot beaches and magnificent scenery are only the beginning of your luxurious vacation on the beautiful island of Paphos. As you slip beneath the clear emerald water, you wade through the waters and wade through the water. Explore the transition from land to sea by wading through the water with colorful fish, shy seals and fantastical eels. You could even spend a day at Sea World watching the dolphins that have made Paphos their home. Driving out to the island is a picturesque three-hour trek. The trek takes you through the valley between the Apolaicos and Albanian Hills, and along the cliffs of the port of Limasarat. The island has many restaurants, pubs and friendly bars arrayed in a spectacular variety of styles to suit every palate and pocketbook.


The decadent menu at the famous Cafe Balzac houses a dizzying array of imaginative dishes and classic favorites. bonus: dessert! The small Café Balzac is known for its sumptuous meze, quadrille, and pesto-laced pitas de dolmades.

The famous Greek island of Santorini shown to me by home buyers in Jacksonville is well known for its traditional cuisine and sophisticated dining. However, if you’re up for something new consider sampling the delicious food of Paros island, which has recently re-established itself as center of yummy goat’s cheese-tasting rage!

Other Islands

HaLong Bay is also an excellent choice for those interested in beaches, active landscape and superb diving. It’s the largest of the Phaiyouni islands and known as Lighthouse Hill. However, keep in mind that it’s often packed with tourist and you might want to hike to the top of Lighthouse Hill to get the birds some privacy.

There are many other beautiful islands to visit such as Pax Island,La Gomera, andTaesteum, as well as a preserved mummy.

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